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  1. Signed up earlier this week but I have to bail out. Have fun guys.
  2. A bit of a last minute change but something has come up for me. So unfortunately I can not attend this one. You can take me of the list, Bacon. You all have fun tomorrow.
  3. Thank you all. Would love to play with you Smiley, just downloaded all the EU3 mods. Is there any starting time/date for it? Apart from the gamenight of course.
  4. Hey, So my name is Glactuss. 18 years old and from The Netherlands. I have always loved the ArmA series. I used to play quite a lot on the ArmA 2 life servers and continued this with ArmA 3 when it launched. Didn't last long though. Played a bit of epoch later but that got a little boring and you got dicked over almost every day. I played on the EU #1 server for a bit and had a lot of fun there, so I thought why not sign up. Other games I like are mostly strategy based like: CIV, Total War, Paradox Games (like EU & Cities: Skylines). But I also play things like big PvP Mount & Blade battles, Police Roleplay GTA 4/5 (When mods become accepted) or a bit of Battlefield. I am happy to become an Ahoy World member and will see you all on the battlefield Glactuss.
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