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  1. I'm noticing earplugs disappearing from my inventory. I always have two pairs on me. I save my respawn loadout at base, then in the field plug them in. On respawn, they'll be gone from my inventory. It has happened once every playthrough since last update. I'm not sure how it can be consistently replicated, I will have to pay more attention next time it happens.
  2. - High value target Costs: Intel Rewards: Intel, lower aggression Spawns a high value target in an objective. The objective then contains more difficult enemies like more armored vehicles or patrols. Killing him lowers the aggression, maybe make some of the enemies fall back when he's killed. Start of the objective is hard and requires caution, but when you eventually kill him the objective becomes easier. Capturing him when he surrenders like normal enemies would. Bringing him back to base would lower the aggression and give you valuable intel. The intel could show for a random
  3. AW MVP 2020: AW Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @MidnightRunner, @Whigital AW Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @Stanhope AW Most Active Staff Member 2020: AW Strictest Staff Member 2020: AW Best Team Player 2020: @Mikael AW Most Helpful Member *Non Staff* 2020: AW Most Friendly Member 2020: @Bomer AW Tacti-cool member 2020: AW Underrated Member 2020: @chicken_no6 AW Most Incoherent Member 2020: AW DAAASSS BOOOOT 2020: AW Best Pilot 2020: @Gambit AW Worst Pilot 2020: AW Best Voice 2020: AW Funnies
  4. You know what, let's do it as well
  5. To further express myself through fashion, here are some suggestions for the arsenal. Vests LOP_V_CarrierRig_BLK LOP_V_CarrierLite_BLK V_SmershVest_01_F V_SmershVest_01_radio_F Backpacks B_TacticalPack_blk B_TacticalPack_oli rhssaf_kitbag_smb B_Kitbag_sgg rhssas_alice_smb Headgear LOP_H_Beanie_flec rhsusf_opscore_bk rhsusf_opscore_bk_pelt rhsusf_opscore_fg rhsusf_opscore_fg_pelt rhsusf_opscore_fg_pelt_cam rhsusf_opscore_fg_pelt_nsw rhsusf_opscore_rg_cover rhsusf_opsco
  6. Thought about posting my setup for a while now. Case - Corsair Carbide 275R Tempered Glass Black Motherboard - Gigabyte X570 GAMING X PSU - Corsair RM750x CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4.0GHZ CPU Cooler - NZXT Kraken X52 GPU - Asus ROG-STRIX-RX5700XT-O8G-GAMING RAM - Corsair DDR4 Vengeance RGB Pro 2x8GB @ 3600MHz HDD - 1TB something something SSD - 2.25TB Samsung or something Monitors - 2x 1920x1080p @ 60Hz / 1x Samsung 2560x1440p @ 144Hz Keyboard - Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Cherry MX Speed Low Profile Mouse - Steelseries Sen
  7. "Click here to toggle the chemlight actions." does not clear the scroll wheel action, only adds it.
  8. Can these variants of the AN/PEQ-16A be added to the list of accepted. The current ones change into this variant with some weapons but the arsenal has restrictions for them. rhsusf_acc_anpeq16a_top_h rhsusf_acc_anpeq16a_light_top_h
  9. It seems to me that at some point the enemies inside a building decide to exit all at once. I know there are ways to keep ai from moving, i&a3 does it.
  10. Some observations of today's play through: Good selection on gear. I like the fact we have access to M4's and AK's, same with the clothing where we have some "spec ops" helmets and regular grunt helmets to choose from. I've also seen it on Chernaurus: Enemies walk through door openings without actually opening the door. I know it creates a dynamic where you have to keep in mind that enemies can exit buildings but it can really mess you up when in the corner of your eye you see an enemy just phase through the door and kills half your squad. Combined with the spongy-ness of their arm
  11. Vehicles stolen from hostile FOBs also get deleted during the clean up.. :')
  12. Medical tent does not seem to work for full ace healing. No scroll wheel or ace interaction. Edit to add: Radio Frequency Table on the map is not needed anymore I'm guessing.
  13. Tuesday or Wednesday would work for me
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