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  1. Zeroing with mildots

    These are the heights of Bohemia's soldiers
  2. Zeroing with mildots

  3. Whats your setup like?

    I7-6700k @ 4.8GHz Kelvin 360mm AiO 16x2GB DDR4 Ram GTX1080 Founders edition Corsair AX1200 (from 2013) 750GB of SSD 5TB of HDD 2560x1440p @ 144Hz, Acer 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, Fujitsu Fractal Define R5 -no window
  4. Zeroing with mildots

    For those who dont know, every scope in A3 has dots or lines vertically. These lines are used for measuring distance to a target. The equation for mildots to distance is: 2000/mildots=range(meters). Before the equation used 1800 instead of 2000 but it was changed some time ago. EDIT: I did more testing and it seems that i only did mildot tests with infantry standing straight. The equation: Stance_Height(mm) / Mildots = range (m) So the stance heights are the following: Straight = 2000, Combat = 1800, Crouched = 1400 and lying down = 600 Example images: (paint skills is 11/10)
  5. New Squad XML Links

    will there be a tag for spartans?
  6. Where are the scopes??

    wanna learn mildots? well here we go! the dots in your scope is not for bullet drop, no! its for measuring distance to your target. First check how many dots the target is in height. example: the target is 2 dots high then we'll divide the units height which is 1800 by 2 that equals to 900m range. The equation: Target height / mildots = range in meters (m) im not a pro or anything but this has its positives and negatives since a rangefinder 100% accurate but using mildots is quicker.
  7. Favourite Class on EU1/2

    Pilot: most fun for me since i get to fly helicopers and jets, i simply like to fly. Sniper: my favourite class when im playing as infantry since i think snipers have the most power against enemy infantry. i like the pilot and sniper role the most but from time to time i go as zeus
  8. [PS2] so anyone playing?

    i started playing ps2 (planetside 2) again recently, alot has changed in the game since i played a year ago. i currently play on miller as vanu with my friends, but i think it would be fun to have an outfit (AW) and have coordinated squads.
  9. Opening up The Spartan Project

    in the pre-made missions, do i have to simply make one in the editor or in zeus and saving using ares? will it suffice if i send a video with me making a zeus mission on one of the bohemia official servers? how long does the "small" essay have to be? 500 words?
  10. Problems with my computer

    have you tried monitoring the temperatures of the CPU and GPU, systems crash if they overheat. how does it crash? black screen just like that or does it freeze?
  11. the skin currently only works on non-cistern trailers but other than that it should work on all trucks. at the moment i dont know how im going to upload the skin. atm i have two options: A) upload the BDF mod with the skin installed. B). upload the skin file and write a simple guide on installing it. im also working on a skin for the cistern trailer type.
  12. I do enjoy the BDF mod by Flemming-V. but i thought something was missing so i decided to make my own skin! i now here present the AW BDF SKIN. (Dont know if im missin some rule.) original mod: http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=126098 (mod doesnt come with the AW skin) skin download: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am6WS__K-_lyiZJFp5WzaaMWVDO91g it says in the bottom: WARNING: CONTAINS AWSOME CONTENT
  13. My gaming setup.

    I switched out one of the 770s to a new 1080 and added a 3TB hdd for storage. so i researched a bit about overclocking GPUs and CPUs, i have OCd the 1080 with voltage limit to 104% and OCd the CPU 3.5 -> 4.2GHz. i do plan to upgrade the cpu, motherboard and cooler around christmas.
  14. Reinstate Weight/Fatigue on EU1-2 and 4

    i remember the day when the new fatigue system was implemented. the I&A servers had the system enabled that day due to the update. what i can remember of that day is how many people reacted differently to the new system. some said: -ah man now i cant carry 10 rockets in my bag. others: -i like it, it adds realism. what im trying to say is there are different players all with their own style of gameplay. personally i think the system should be enabled, it happens alot when i take a 'peek' into others backpacks that they have 20+ mags for a 7.62 rifle when they will only get to shot around 4 mags worth of bullets. i can understand one problem people might have and thats when you are making a loadout. Vest, Backpack, primary weapon, secondary weapon and/or launcher weapon. these variables are necessary to understand/be aware of wehn making a loadout. having pre-made loadouts maybe?
  15. Whats your setup like?

    Finally my GTX1080 arrived! i switched out one of my 770s with this card, the old 770 i gave to my little brother.