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  1. Thanks for this, i was just wondering about how to do one
  2. Same for me, both rhs and tf47 launcher thingys give errors and once all those are unselected i just get thrown back into server select without seeing an error. Server and repository not quite synced atm?
  3. Hello dear Ahoyians, ive been playing on the #3 server for a few days and been on the #1 a few times aswell and really anjoyed myself so decided to reg atleast and now making this post as instructed Played allot of games from CS to BF4 so mostly FPS but dabbled in some WoW aswell, played some Dayz-mod with my BF buddies and that led me to Arma3 and DayzSA so this is what i play mostly now. Started with Altis life and now moved to co-op setting and hoping to play allot on Ahoy World servers. Trying to get better att playing as an element of a group/team instead of Ramboing but still got some ways to go, but im getting there. Sgt isnt just a part of the tag for swag, it's also my irl rank in the Finnish Fieldartillery where i was trained as a guncommander but in the reserves now and work as a mechanic in Sweden.
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