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  1. Just a question regarding EU#3 patrol operations. is it just a server where mods are tested out or is it a friends of the forum meet where it is intentionally kept locked to prevent unknowns or would be trolls from messing around ?
  2. Just downloaded all of these and getting .pbo errors and not accepted key by this server errors
  3. ah that answers it. I am aware of the terrain/sea level bug but i only normally come across it when i first join as operator, after they blow up they normally seem to work almost like its a threatening lesson from that one teacher with the mole. thanks for the answer
  4. Hi guys Just back from a week away and see there has been an update to both arma and the server. As i mostly fly the grey hawks i have noticed that they now no longer spawn with bombs/laser. even going to the rearm pads does nothing for them. The stomper is also affected by this also spawning with no ammo in the turret. have i missed an update somewhere or has this been bugged with the recent update ? cheers -reap
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