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  1. The problem I see arising here is this: 1. noob pilot breaks/blows up own heli near AO. 2. noob pilot gets new helicopter, repeat step 1. 3. noob pilot doesn't bother repairing broken helicopters. 4. lots of people stuck at base because of no transport available, competent pilots suffering because noob pilots broke the helis 5. Shorts has to quit his current role and drive a repair truck over there himself just so people can get transport OR 5a. Shorts has to call an admin to kick the guy / help cleanup multiple crashed helis -> more admin support needed, admins have to quit their current game to help and Shorts feels bad for constantly calling an admin. 6. a lot of unhappy faces all around. Don't get me wrong, the goal you are having is good, but I think this method will probably backfire. Also, when looking at the problem in general, we are not in a situation where it is currently impossible to get to the AO by heli in one piece. Usually the majority of pilots on knows what they are doing to a certain extent, and there is 1-2 noobs. This doesn't currently break the gameplay. If the goal is to get the level of pilots up to 5 competent ones at any time I don't think this is the right solution.
  2. Guys... if your aircraft is broken far from base... blow it up. as a pilot you should always carry charges. That said, would it help maybe if people on TS get priority/can claim pilot slots?
  3. In method 2 switching back to gunner is not a hard necessity. A reliable alternative is after bomb drop: turn slightly away from target, point nose upwards at 15 degrees, keep speed low and pitch/yaw steady until impact. This way you are preventing camera shake by preventing unnecessary movement.
  4. There's nothing wrong with a suggestion dude. It means you are actively thinking about how stuff works, never a bad thing. If i see you on I'll come talk to you, cya soon.
  5. This week, on two seperate occasions I've experienced some zeus missions when i randomly happened to be a pilot at the time and I got bored very fast because there wasnt anything for me to do. All the action was on the Ground and since the missions were static for a very long time there were no transport Jobs either. This Ground troops only thing worries me, please remember that there are also pilots on I&A that need something to do. Maybe mix up zeus missions with regular AOs?
  6. Veteran uav Op here, my 2 cents: -Gbu are perfectly precise, depending on the skill of the uav operator. The atgm variant makes no difference other than that its way easier and way stronger. -Uav are balanced perfectly right now for I&A. You wouldnt need a stronger uav unless the designed zeus missions rely on it. In that case the zeus mission is most likely unbalanced and not the Uav. Eu1/2 run I&A, so the game is balanced for I&A and zeus missions should be too, not the other way around. -I have a pc thats 5 years old and I run I&A which is 3 years old just fine on low settings at a view distance of 3500m, which is plenty for loitering at 2000m. It sounds to me like there are some important tips I can give you to improve your play. I'll be happy to give you some tips over teamspeak during the week, just make sure you're in a Channel thats not passworded so I can actually talk to you
  7. I believe that exact type of enforcement can be found at EU3.
  8. On the subject of Field Ambassadors, I personally find that the people with the title are a bit underrepresented on EU1, they mostly seem to be EU3 players. As a dedicated EU1/2 player and TS user, I dont often talk Field Ambassadors, but I do know a lot of people from EU1/2 that I would consider eligible for the title.
  9. The root cause of the problem is not the fact that you're unable to drive up to the staging area with a repair truck. The root cause of the problem is idiot pilots who crash things in base, and most often, don't have the decency to do or say anything about it. As I proposed in another thread, I strongly believe that we need to prioritize people on TS for pilot slots, meaning that people who are not on TS are still allowed to get a pilot slot, but risk being replaced by a pilot on TS if the people on TS believe that pilots are not doing their job or are making a mess of things. It is in fact very doable to get a chopper working again if it's parked there. Either get a repair spec, a repair vehicle, or blow it up.
  10. Just to give you my opinion on the matter... I see your point, but I don't think reducing enemy CAS is the solution. I too feel your pain whenever, as a UAV operator, I see my UAV's get shot down by enemy birds. CAS is deployed only if there is an enemy Radio Tower active. In this case, a new enemy jet (Buzzard AA / Neophron) will spawn every few minutes (I am not sure if there is a maximum). To prevent the CAS from becoming a threat: The radio tower must be destroyed ASAP, fastest and most reliable way is by a competent UAV operator The enemy CAS must be neutralized ASAP, fastest and most reliable way is by a competent AA Buzzard pilot. If these two players know what they are doing then CAS shouldn't be much of an issue. I believe in here lies the core of the problem, these player roles are very important and while it's not hard to do, it just requires a little coordination from the players involved. Hence i think for the roles of UAV operator and Pilot it should be that players on the AW Teamspeak are allowed access to these roles in favour over people occupying these roles who are currently not on TS and will not get on it. In the end, I think this will enhance the gaming experience for everyone, as we have seen a lot of 'noob' pilots lately.
  11. Hey Viktor, As Mark T suggested I recommend that you join the AW community Teamspeak on a regular basis. To join the Ahoyworld Teamspeak, follow the guidelines in this thread: http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/1450-how-to-join-team-speak/ Also, make sure you fully read and understand the rules, it is very important that you (and we all) follow them: http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/4399-the-rules-of-ahoyworld/ When you join the people on Teamspeak you can talk to them just like in the game. This way they can get to know you and you can ask questions directly to the people available. The forum is not an easy place for communication like this. If you simply have a question, it's best to ask it on the Teamspeak. There's also usually an admin available on the Teamspeak if you need any help. --- that wasn't so hard people.... was it now??? You rage at kids IRL too when they ask the same question twice? ---
  12. Hey Hans, Fellow Dutch guy here, welcome. Make sure you check out the AW Teamspeak server to get connected to people and start having fun. If you are looking to get your first experience in ArmA 3 co-operative game play I suggest you start at Ahoyworld EU1 (no mods required, instant gameplay). It's similar to Battlefield and sometimes feels quite similar to Battlefield 2 even. You can have fun flying helicopters, using tanks, and running infantry missions. Myself, I make and run squads on EU1 (callsign ROADHOUSE) multiple times per week. You will find that the level of co-operation and people willing to work together in ArmA exceeds that of Battlefield, you'll be able to have plenty of fun doing missions with your teammates. Once you become comfortable with EU1 and enjoy the teamplay the next best step is to head over to EU3 where they do more serious mil-sim like gameplay. Hope to see you around, ShortsNL
  13. ShortsNL


    Hey guys, You may have seen me running Roadhouse squad on EU1, working together with whoever is up for some instant teamplay. I can vouch for Victor that he's a good guy. Whenever he joins me he's always happy to communicate with microphone, polite, keen on working as a team and he follows instructions. He's also a good pilot. He is however very young, 11 (I think I was the same age when I started playing BF1942 in multiplayer). He sometimes makes mistakes or doesn't fully understand the situation. He has to learn from his mistakes so it's good that he has some time to consider what he's done wrong. But at heart he's a good kid who just needs to be shown the correct way to play and behave, by example. There are a lot of bad-mannered people on the internet, but I think at Ahoyworld he couldn't have gone to a better place with more respectful and mature people I hope you guys understand that he's young and if he messes up again please try to talk to him over microphone (group chat) and explain the situation to him, he's very receptive and I find he listens well. If I happen to be on and there's a problem with him please do not hesitate to contact me, I'll be happy to talk to him. Best regards, ShortsNL
  14. Hey guys, thanks for treating my points while I wasn't there, I really appreciate it I got many answers from listening to the recording. I really didn't mean to severely criticize nor make it a personal ordeal, and I really hope I didn't appear in that manner! I wanna say right now that I didn't mean to disrespect all the work any of you guys put in voluntarily, I understand you're doing it for the love of it. Anyways, getting back to two things discussed: -For reaching admins in Teamspeak, I guess you want me to poke you after all Many times if I see someone in another gaming channel or on the Admin Atoll I simply don't dare to bother them with it - as I didn't want to interrupt the work they may be doing in the Admin Channel or interrupt them while gaming. I don't want to be that annoying guy that pokes or distracts you all the time with small things. Things that you mentioned like a non-capable pilot, a spammer on voice chat, or a teamkiller, most of the times I choose to ignore them instead of annoy a seemingly busy admin with it. That's why I suggested having more admin activity on the server but of course I understand that you guys aren't playing for three hours every day. Again in that sense, if you wish for me to contact you while you're in a different channel presumably playing something else, I will. -For suggesting other things including gameplay things: of course it's up to you guys. I really don't mean to come down negatively on you or your work, it's your project and your choice what you do with my suggestions. I think right now for me, gameplay wise what bothers me the most is the lack of a good squad system, and in that sense I was really longing back to 2.641. But really, take this project where you want to take it guys. I respect all of you for doing so much work on it and letting me enjoy it in the process. There will always be people who disagree on some aspects like myself but in the end and it's your project and not mine. Who owns, pays, and works for it, also decides over it, and as such you guys fully have the rights to determine who to listen to in this regard. Since I don't donate I should not assume I have any right to say. But then again, I will decide whether or not I think it's worth to donate. Anyways, thanks again guys!
  15. I can't make it to the meeting unfortunately but I do have some pressing concerns about the EU1 server, so I'm going to list them here. I find that the server is becoming more and more empty and I think that is a severe issue. I'm seeing a number of causes. -Connectivity issues. Many players are reporting them. I don't have them myself, and I don't know what's causing it, but this should be a top priority to fix. The server is literally bleeding players because of it. I would check to see if it can be fixed by rolling back to a previous version, 2.641. Last night we had that version on for a while and the server was completely full again as it should be. -Work-in-progress builds on the server. The latest versions have lots of changes, but lots of handicaps as well. They are for a large part the reason I almost stopped playing. Number one is the squad system. There is none. Only a tablet that lets you join groups, but you can't manage them whatsoever. As a squadleader you want to be able to lock the squad, manage invites and do everything that is currently impossible. It's basically thrown organized public squad play out of the window and puts everyone back as lone wolf. Same for the medic system. It's incredibly unclear the way it works now. I've done some tests and it looks like you can still revive, but you don't get a marker for dead players anymore. Makes reviving a game of hide and seek. Personalized UAV's after RT destruction don't work. No friendly fire protection at base. Clones at base. A HALO jump after the RT is down sounds cool, but makes all pilots obsolete, as there is no working airlift script and no CAS choppers anymore. All these things add up and substantially impact gameplay in a bad way. -AW members and admins missing from the server. It seems that I'm not the only one who's almost left the server, as I never see any one of the regular Teamspeak members on the server anymore. No friends to play with and no admin support makes it all even worse. Most AW members on TS seem to prefer PvP now. That's cool and all, but that means the server now has to rely on itself to get it populated, and it simply can't with this build and these connection issues. It also makes getting an admin that much more troublesome, since they're often busy playing something else or hidden in the admin channel on TS. Ideally, you'd have admins playing on the server themselves as much as possible, to police against teamkillers and griefers, especially now that theres no friendly fire protection at spawn. My suggestion is to roll back to 2.641. This gives us the opportunity to focus on the connectivity issues first, and calmly work on improving the updated mission in the background second. Then, once the the new mission is playtested and has all features working again, we can put it on the server without impacting gameplay in the meantime. And to get more live admins on the server, I suggest you make me kick/ban/restart admin Hope this helps guys. I'm sorry if it sounds a bit confronting but I am deeply worried about the server so I hope we can work on it.
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