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  1. Soon everyone will have TrackIR/DelanClip/FreeTracker/etc if we keep this up!
  2. Ah yes, the weirdly zoomed view when you turn your head when aiming down a scope. A huge pain in the ass tbh. As for the profile, you should defineately spend some time tweaking it. I used to have bit of an funky profile on my TrackIR and it was far from reliable. Then i spent like 10 mins fiddling with it and now i can basically look behind me if i turn my head like 30 degrees while flying the A-10 in DCS. For anyone needing some help configuring their TrackIR, this video helped me.
  3. I got the proclip and after 2 or so years it's still intact. I really haven't been rough with it tho. But after reading the stories of them breaking on people i reinforced it with some electrical tape. I haven't played ARMA 3 in a while but when i did, i used it when piloting. Usually when running as infantry i didn't feel the need for it. Also if you are looking to maybe save few bucks you can take a look at DelanClip -> http://www.delanengineering.com/news/
  4. It was pretty awesome mission. Even tho it started to feel like things were falling apart towards the end with the resistance we faced. I learned few things from the mission, like double checking that my MAAWS has actual HEAT rounds instead of HE and that i actually remember to bring said rounds in the first place!
  5. You have until the 14th tho. Plenty of time to sell your kidney to get the modules!
  6. I see you are keeping your PC nice and dusty! I think i have the same speaker set for my PS3 btw.
  7. We do have Alganthe, so can't we just make him run infront of the convoy with minesweeper?
  8. @Skully, What i do now is when i join the server, use arsenal to get my gear sorted then save it in VAS(what usually has finished loading by then), and load it from VAS on respawns. The Nato weaponpack has too many pre-made weapon combinations tbh. I don't think i have used any of them "out-of-the-box", i always tend to make my own setup. As for garrisoning AI, i think MCC does the same thing(fortify area) along with million other things in Zeus like manner. Might be good to use it as a reinforcement spawner or something, Im not sure if it will work in the server tho. :/
  9. Tbh, the HMD is really not even needed. All the helos have the pitch/roll indicator in the dash(and you should know if you are pitching forward or not anyways). Airspeed and altitude you can see from the default thing(along with failure warnings). Gunship(not that we have any atm) range to target indication you get from the gunner or from waypoint. Landing lights and anti-collision lights, you really need special notification for them? The only thing that would be good is flares to the LB. Not that it makes any sense that a helmet mounted display mod adds them in the first place. There is already the chinook on the server that has it's own problems(people getting stuck to the ramp, everything looking giant when you look from the inside/etc). So is there really a need for bunch of helos that really don't work right and information on a hud type of thing that really doesn't add anything? IMO there is more realism to keep this mod away from the server. After all, there is a reason why they exist and it's not so you can see your airspeed when doing transpo with LB.
  10. Check out http://www.ahoyworld.co.uk/topic/3143-modded-invade-and-annex/'>page 4. Problem should be fixed during the day today.
  11. So maybe it was you who jinxed it! The only reason i know that the repo is down is because i was downloading speed of sound thing from the official list in testing purposes, and noticed that my download isn't going anywhere. Hmmmm.. Maybe i broke it after all..
  12. http://imgur.com/yct16sE'>About that.. The program/the repo seems to have one of those days..
  13. Most likely you are just missing and addon or have something old. Task Force Radio and Trixies lauchers were added at some point since last night. So check that you have all the addons required on the server(with ArmaSync that Josh mentioned above for example).
  14. Welcome aboard! And that was some epic teamwork we had going on last night.
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