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  1. the link is wrong with the http its just imgur.com/a/WfX7s#0
  2. I join on early today to find 2 people shooting at one another mario and qkz. some people said that mario was the troll and i did see him fire a rocket at some people at base. so i went on ts and said somthing to mykey and he banned mario. later i come to find out in ts this happend. <18:46:15> "Mario": Please unban <18:46:26> "Mario": And than ban qkz.. <18:46:47> "Mario": He try that other players get a ban ... <18:46:55> "Mario": He write that in Steam to me <18:47:30> "Mario": qkz: haha qkz: ideaot Mario: You fucking Team killer.. qkz: but you will get kicked qkz: thats best trolling session in this weekend <18:48:08> "Mario": qkz: Ok last word, i don't know if you didn't notice but I really don't give a fuck And the other thing is that my trolling for tonight is over 100% because of You qkz: You've made my day <18:48:19> "Mario": I hope that you read that.. <18:54:07> "Mario": I go yet... It's your problem when the wrong People get a ban because of qkz.... not shure what happend but i do thank mario should get another chance. I was streaming at the time but it messed up with a black screen and bad audio that did not go away till later.
  3. TADA, a motank http://i.imgur.com/6JNiYec.jpg
  4. we were waiting for Stuffedsheep to land for evac and we wanted to take a random group photo.
  5. kickkill


    hello i have been playing on the ahoy servers on EU and US from around alpha and just now i am trying to join the group. I play off - on as a pilot and as a medic and would love to join your group. http://imgur.com/bLULiqp
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