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  1. I've managed it ;D think I have a mission or gameplay of that somewhere but its always a fluke lol
  2. This has been discussed before, I think the answer will come back still as no. The problem with a whitelist is that if none of those people are on. you have no pilots, and that's as far as it needs to be discussed. It's also restrictive in terms of people joining and taking a role they want to try. Being a bad pilot and being a new pilot are not the same thing, and its right for us to give people a chance to learn.
  3. That may work for EU2 but I am not sure the Admins are going to be too willing to give out that many options. For myself I plan to run EU4 as a closed server as per usual running throughout the day. So I can livestream it. Maybe even develop a small campaign but it depends totally on if the servers can be set and be stable
  4. I have a thought on this, I was planning to do a whole day of Zeus from 10am to 10pm BST the question is though? Will we be able to update the servers easily on the day? Bohemia have a habit of breaking the shit out of mods and builds arsenal etc at release of new content. Do you think its not a good idea to plan a day of gameplay with this in mind? I would like to do it of course, but seems like it would be a bit of a risky option. Some Admin input on the possibility of this would be good as I would like to plan missions and advertise the event if I am going to do it. If we think its going to be too problematic then I will to do it another day but seems a shame to miss release day opportunities.
  5. If it works then yeah I would say trial it at the least, I mean if this works it would be ideal for EU4
  6. I am open to and interested in this, the only issue for me will be availability of time and wether or not that can be slotted into my schedule. If the times line up then I will be interested in participating
  7. yeah as Cebi said, what is really needed at this point in time is an underwater overhaul from Bohemia. The interaction and options for underwater are heavily limited. So its best to combine underwater and surface ops - approach from water etc
  8. I think this is a good concept but I think it would work best on something like EU4 not necessarily the main public servers which are more entry level, I think people would probably just respawn than wait for medevac.
  9. I have seen a few people saying - 'if we were to use the weight system some people would be unhappy and leave' - well you know every time something changes someone is going to be unhappy you cant ever change that, but you have to look at the big picture and how it benefits everyone as a whole not just 1 squad who are unhappy cos they cant now carry around 2000 rounds of personal ammunition with no penalty my counter argument to that is that if these people cant cope with a small adjustment to their loadouts they probably are not coming with the right mindset to ARMA. Also I think a slight reduction in playercount would be no bad thing often the missions are very oversubscribed and this has an impact on the server and how the missions play. Also as I demonstrated in the video it will have little effect on the gameplay but the effect it will have should be all positive. Honestly the best thing we could do is trial it on say EU2 see how it plays and then make a decision. All I can say is that more and more I not only am seeing people abusing the ability to carry extremely OP loadouts against AI who are not very smart. I also am seeing more and more comments on my videos and from community members who are starting to feel that the quality of the gameplay is being impacted by people and squads carrying backpacks full of ammunition and guns they can lay down walls of fire like the MK200. We need to make some changes in my opinion to retain some quality of teamplay. These changes can happen on EU4 and it will be happening there, but I think this change to the EU1 & 2 servers would be positive not just for the existing community but in helping new players understand the importance of balancing their kit. It would also help the pace of the play and just every aspect of teamplay. Squads all carrying RPG's and LMG's with 2000 rounds of ammunition is not good for anyone.
  10. Put it this way, yesterday on EU2 I saw two guys standing at the arsenal, I decided to check what they had in their packs (bergens btw). One guys was filled with 200round belt mags RPGS and medic packs. The other was a toolkit for his personal vehicle, again filled to the brim with ammo and medpacks. Not having the weight system when it now works is just damaging the ethics of teamplay and generally degrading the experience that I&A should be. Hopefully we can continue as a community to bring things back to where they need to be which is already starting to happen
  11. So this has been out for a while but for some reason we never brought it back onto our servers. So I was largely unaware of just how improved the fatigue and weight system has become. Alganthe said I should check it out and its greatly better than what we have now. Currently on the servers we have weight turned off meaning players can carry as much as they want, but it also means you get that really extreme weapon sway. With the updated weight system you can carry a good amount of weight and this will effect your ability to move around but the optic sway is greatly reduced on how it used to behave. If we put this system back on the servers especially I&A it would benefit in two ways: 1) slow down gameplay as people carrying titans and 10 belt mags couldnt just sprint around as if they are running a 100m race 2) reduce the amount of firepower generally carried making people more careful about engagements. I made a short video demonstrating how it currently works
  12. I think its time that we look at reducing the pilot slots to 4. I seem to remember being one of the people who originally championed us pushing the pilot slots up to 5 but now from watching some of the servers its clear that very often we have more pilots than is necessary when a server has less than 50% players but also even when the server is fully occupied you find that once an initial insertion has taken place many pilots are just fighting to transport 2-3 people back and forth. There is another positive in reducing pilots which is that it would help a little in staggering how quickly people can be taken out to missions. Which should help in slowing things down a bit. Very often you see 2+ helis at base waiting to transport just 1-2 people its been this way for ages of course but I think really we dont need 5 pilot slots even when the servers are nearly full the capacity of the helis is enough that you can take the majority of players back and forth because there is always about 25% of players who are not wanting transport or dead or doing something else.
  13. Having flown the Blackfish around a fair bit the past couple of days its not greatly helpful as an insertion vehicle certainly not the way I&A requires them. Its a very slow vehicle for starters its also big, you cant throw it around the way you can a hummingbird or ghosthawk so you end up having to plan out your route in. Also because of its size it does restrict your options for coming in. Its good for doing paradrops if you want to, but most people always want to have their backpack and see no advantage to paradropping. I'm not saying take it off, but I think all the other helicopters outperform it. Blackfish - slow, big - limited options for landing, people crash it more Other helis - faster, smaller, more landing sites, people know (mostly) how to fly them
  14. have to ask bacon but I would imagine yes its something like this.
  15. Okay just commenting on here to say that I have now added my Zeus players guide to the OP. If you have feedback to add please do so here but also on the video itself. Cheers.
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