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    AhoyWorld Enhanced - Moving Forward

    Upon us we find a great opportunity, and it brings great delight for me to inform you of decisions regarding the forward progress of the server and community. It has taken a great deal of time and discussion to reach this decision, but we now feel that it has been sufficiently planned - and, well…discussed. Following a unanimous vote amongst the AWE staff team, we are progressing with enacting these changes. In addition to the changes detailed in this post, more will soon be announced that will contribute to the direction we seek for AWE, moving forward. As such, keep your eyes turned towards the AWE section of the forum. We are excited to deliver the new direction - and we hope you are too! Monday 19th of June 2017. Put a reminder in your calendar, this is when the changes will take effect (ensuring there are no snags or hiccups during the process). The Steering Committee has reached the decision that the CUP, and all its dependencies will be removed from the modpack, and therefore the modset. The total list of removed mods, and their size, is: CUP Terrains Core 7.8 GB CUP Terrains Maps 2.1GB Project OPFOR 1.5 GB Abramia 0.213 GB Isla Duala 0.328 GB Lingor and Dingor 0.633 GB Fallujah 0.201 GB The following mods will also be removed due to lack of development by authors, or bugs. This is pursuant to separate decisions by the Steering Committee, and are being enacted during this update. Burnes_AAV 0.057 GB Spec4gear 0.391 GB This yields a reduction in repository size of 11.723 GB. As a result, several new maps will be added; these are: JBAD Buildings 1.3 GB Lythium 1.0 GB Bornholm 1.5 GB Bozcaada 0.137 GB This totals 3.937 GB in additions. Overall this gives us a 7.793 reduction in modpack and repository size. Reducing the size of the modpack is not our driving force in these changes, but rather a desire to offer a new, innovative and refreshing experience to the AhoyWorld Enhanced player-base. These will be the core modded maps for AWE moving forward. Other maps will be added; however, they have not been decided upon, yet. Anything that has JBAD as a dependency will be considered, alongside stand-alone maps. Fayshhkabur, ToraBora are good examples of maps we are looking to consider. The new playable maps will be: Altis Stratis Tanoa (Will not be in gauntlet rotation) Gorgona Lythium Bornholm Bozcaada Kerama Islands (possibly) Other mods are also under consideration stemming from the request area of the forum. These have not yet been finalised and so have therefore not been included. Best Regards, Copey, Skullcollector and S0zi0p4th, The Steering Committee of AhoyWorld Enhanced.
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    This is a simple guide on how to download our PUBLIC add-ons and the ENHANCED server add-ons. Public addons will work on all our Public ArmA3 servers (EU#1, #2 #4 and #5 ). Enhanced server addons will ONLY work on AhoyWorld Enhanced. First of all Download & Install ArmA3Sync. Then follow this guide. All the repository links can be found at https://mods.ahoyworld.net/ Setting up Arma3Sync: 1. Start Arma3Sync 2. Set your arma3battleeye.exe and hit "OK". (F.ex. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3battleeye.exe) 3. Go to the "Addon Options"-tab. 4. Click the button to set your "Addon Search Directory". 5. Select your Arma 3 folder. (F.ex. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3) 6. Set your preferred options under the "Launcher Options"-tab Setting up the PUBLIC/ENHANCED repository(For this guide we will be using enhanced but it is just the same for public as you'll see): 1. Go to the "Repositories"-tab 2. Click the button on the right side to add a new repository. 3. Open up a web browser and head to https://mods.ahoyworld.net/ . Here you will find the 2 autoconfig links included in this point, as well as the total modset and chagelog. In the new window (inside of Arma3Sync), paste ftp://mods.ahoyworld.net/Enhanced/.a3s/autoconfig in the "Public auto-config url". Or if you only want the Public addons use this url: ftp://mods.ahoyworld.net/Public/.a3s/autoconfig (Set up a separate repo per URL). 4. Click "Import" and "Ok" 5. Tick the "Notify"-button. 6. Click to connect to the new repository. 7. Once connected, hit to check for addons. 8. When "Check for Addons" is Finished, select all available mods in the "Repository content"-box. 9. Make sure that "Default destination folder" is set to your Arma 3-folder. 10. Click the button to start downloading the mods. When prompted with "Download is finished": 1. Close the "Ahoyworld Enhanced/Public"-tab 2. Go to the "Addons"-tab 3. Click "Modsets" 4. Select "Ahoyworld Enhanced/Public" Depending on the one you want. 5. Tick off your new group. How to install TFAR [AFTER REPO BUILD 23] - [TFAR VERSION 0.9.12 +] 1. Download the AWE MODS from the repository (Follow the instructions above) DO NOT USE THE ARMA3SYNC TFAR INSTALLER - IF IT ASKS, PRESS “NO” 2. Once your download is complete, open your Arma 3 Install Directory - e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma3 G:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 3. Navigate into the @task_force_radio folder in your Arma 3 directory 4. Open the folder named “teamspeak” 5. If you have Teamspeak open - CLOSE IT NOW. IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY INSTALLED TFAR, FOLLOW THE STEPS IN RED BEFORE CONTINUING - Open another windows explorer window. Navigate to your Teamspeak 3 install directory - e.g. C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client [64-bit] C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamSpeak 3 Client [32-bit] Open the “plugins” folder insider of your Teamspeak 3 directory. Delete “radio-sounds” “radio-sounds-new” “radio-sounds-old” “task_force_radio_win32.dll” “task_force_radio_win64.dll” Continue with the instructions below - return to the “@task_force_radio” folder in your Arma 3 install directory 6. Execute the file “task_force_radio.ts3_plugin” within the “teamspeak” folder - You may require Admin approval because of Windows User Account Control 7. Check that the “Add-On will be installed in:” box has your Teamspeak 3 install directory in 8. A pop-up will appear asking if you trust this Plugin and want to proceed. Click “Yes” 9. A pop-up will say “Add-On successfully installed. Do you want to activate this Add-on? Please restart your Teamspeak 3 Client.” Click Yes. The installer will close 10. Open your Teamspeak 3 Client as an administrator, and navigate to Tools>Options>Addons. Ensure that the “Task Force Arma 3 Radio” box is checked - it should already be done. Close the “Options" window. 11. You're set to go! If you've any questions feel free to ask a member of the community or a staff member! Updated with new TFAR method of installation 07/12/16 - Copey
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    1. Lythium by FFA 2. It's a new map. 20x20 km set in Afghanistan. It's been labelled Clafghan 2.0 and from my initial walkabout, looks to be an instant classic. 3. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/144930-wip-ffaa-60-spanish-army-mod/?page=29 4. I'll let my screenshots do the talking, but ultimately it's a desert themed map with a great variety of different areas: mountains, valleys, lightly treed, and two airbases so it's good for a variety of map purposes. Gauntlet will port here no problem. Note it does require JBAD buildings (1.2GB), however, this is a good supporting mod which will also allow us to use Fallujah without CUP Terrains should we proceed in that direction in the future: numerous other maps use it as a dependency.
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    GREUH Liberation

    "Altis has fallen to the CSAT forces, and it is up to you to take it back. Embark with your teammates on a persistent campaign that will span several weeks of real time to liberate all major cities of the island." - GREUH Liberation I'd like to see AhoyWorld host this as a weekly event, with minimal if any mods, but with a command structure closer to AWE. Liberation essentially boils down to a teamwork-oriented PvE mission to slowly but surely conquer the major cities of Altis. Along the way, smaller points are contested for resource points and equipment unlocks. It has currently been ported onto a great many maps, and as such it could feasibly be run on other maps after the completion of Altis, provided it attains the playerbase to make it worthwhile. Liberation involves building defensible bases, attacking varying levels of enemy occupied strongholds and protecting captured areas from counter-attack, all the while capturing resources used to requisition vehicles. The single Commander slot is essential, as he controls individual player permissions, default permissions for newly connected players and has the option of using a de-clawed Zeus interface to control friendly AI units should he deem this necessary. Player permissions revolve around rights, essentially being the ability to operate Armor or Air vehicles, as well as the Buy and Build menus. The event could be run weekly, with a trustworthy AhoyWorld representative taking the reins as Commander. Players could join as an existing group of friends, or as single individuals. Singles would be grouped up together in any number of groups. Groups could communicate via Group Channel or a TeamSpeak channel. Commander could communicate with Groups via Command Channel or TeamSpeak Whisper. If necessary, could also relay faction-wide messages via Side Channel. Microphone would preferably be a requirement for all players, and groups would be expected to work toward the task given by Command, but have autonomy on that task. Liberation comes pre-packaged with a system to save the map state between sessions, and defaults to automatic saves every 60 seconds. As such, progress would be relatively safe from crashes. Liberation is run by many servers, but almost exclusively constantly up, meaning mostly without a Commander present. This tells me that there is interest, but that it could be done in a more organized manner that may attract players. Wiki link: http://greuh-liberation.wikia.com/wiki/GREUH_Liberation_Wikia bistudio link: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/183734-mpcti-coop-liberation-beta/ Github link for Admin Staff: https://github.com/GreuhZbug/greuh_liberation.Altis Setup link for Admin staff: http://greuh-liberation.wikia.com/wiki/Server_Admin Commander Whitelist link for Admin staff: http://greuh-liberation.wikia.com/wiki/Permissions
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    [Guide] ACE Advanced Medical

    Hello, lovely people, and welcome to another guide to ACE medical - this time for dedicated medics and those interested in hard values. Going into this, it will be assumed that you already know how to utilise the medical menu and have a basic working knowledge of ACE. The Average Rifleman To get this out of the way: If you aren't meaning to minmax 21 different wounds and sizes, the simplest treatment for you will be to use packing bandages on the most common injuries: medium and large avulsions and velocity wounds. There will be the odd puncture and cut, but as long as you use packing, you will have around 10 to 15 minutes of breathing room to get you going until you find a medic once the heat has passed. Small wounds often benefit from basic bandages and QuikClots, save your packing for more severe cases. Never use elastics. Throw on a tourniquet to shift attention from a limb to more important bits of your body, like your head. Return to the limb afterwards and take off the CAT to get the blood flowing again. --- That said, what follows is certainly useful for everyone if they have the stomach. I will try my best to make this as digestible as possible, but once we get into the thick of it, you'll find a lot of numbers. We're going to start with prep that you should know before you go into treatment, then we'll look at how to treat patients in detail further down. If that is what you're after, skip ahead. You have been warned. Let's go. The Medic's Good Etiquette As a medic, your philosophy should be to preserve the greater good; and the greater good involves every single member of your platoon. You must be assertive even more than you should be knowledgeable, as you will often find a crowd around a body that will do everything in their power to be unhelpful. You are the one who will get a casualty up and running with maximum efficiency, so make sure everyone knows the boss is on station. To be assertive, you must know to communicate effectively. Keep those around you informed of your actions, talk to whomever you're attending about your treatment. Whenever you arrive at a location, give everyone a quick shout asking if they need you. You're a gift from the gods when mortars land just as much as after a prolonged firefight with many small nicks and scrapes. This also means that you are indispensable normally and should keep your head down during engagements. Travel light to remain mobile, focus on your supporting equipment more than on your rifle. Smokes are your best friend when traversing gaps in cover, so if in doubt, bring more of those rather than extra magazines. Triage, Casualty States and Priorities When sorting through casualties and patients, it's often helpful to call out what is called a triage. This is where your voice is expected to be heard above all the noise and disorganisation that usually ensues when it's come to the point of needing one. "Everyone, triage! Scrapes and bruises to the battlements and fight, torn off limbs line up here!" Casualty states are assigned based on trauma level - there are a number of different, but overall similar routines from all over the world. For this purpose we're using the UK triage system for short-hand, while ACE uses the US military equivalent. Let us agree on using the Priority (Px) short-hand, seen below, as convention for talking about it. P1: severe injuries, likely already unconscious with blood loss and open wounds requiring immediate attention where any delay can prove fatal (ACE triage card equivalent: Immediate) P2: severe injuries, but stabilised to the point of no longer requiring unsplit attention, though should be kept in mind for later (ACE triage card equivalent: Delayed) P3: light injuries that only just require the attention of a medic after P1s and P2s are dealt with; patients can still walk and be useful if necessary (ACE triage card equivalent: Minimal) Deceased: patients beyond help, effectively or actually dead (ACE triage card: Deceased) You may not always have time to update everyone's triage card, but make mental notes about everyone who comes to see you. A mortar victim with six large avulsions will be dead within a minute, whereas somebody emerging from a crashed HMMWV can usually walk it off and talk to you later down the line. To decide which types of injuries dictate what type of reaction, let us move on to... Injuries and Bandages A good craftsman knows his tools. There are 8 types of injuries with 7 types of open, bleeding wounds. Abrasion: A scrape. Slow bleeding, though large ones cause a moderate amount of pain, these are low priority. Avulsion: Tissue forcefully torn away from where it belongs. The most severe type of wound with extreme pain and the highest rate of bleeding -- very high priority. Contusion: A bruise. You cannot fix these with bandages, but they also don't lead to blood loss. They might cause some minor pain and aim shake if on arms. Crush: About as descriptive as it gets, this is tissue that's been crushed under heavy weights. Some bleeding and light pain, low to medium priority. Cut: Occurs from shrapnel or other sharp objects cutting skin and muscle. Light pain, light to medium blood loss depending on size. Low to medium priority. Laceration: Another sort of tear that separates tissue without shearing it off and away. Light pain, slow to medium blood loss. Low priority. Puncture: Caused by shrapnel or long and thin, slow-moving sharp objects. Light pain, slow bleeding. Low priority. Velocity: Deep penetrating wounds often caused by bullets. Extreme pain, medium to fast bleeding. High priority. To treat these, you have four types of bandages at your disposal: Basic: A medium-effect, medium-sealing bandage for your every-day needs. It's the averagest of averages. Packing: Identical effect to basics, high chance to reopen, but excellent delay until a wound bothers you again. Every rifleman's best friend. Elastic: Highest effect, highest chance to reopen, lowest delay. Riflemen stay away! These are for medics to use on severe injuries to prepare for surgery only. QuikClot: Lowest effect, lowest chance to reopen, decent delay. Their low effectiveness means they require high volumes for large wounds, but they are excellent for small ones. This is where the numbers fun begins. To showcase bandages and their exact values, I present to you a table detailing all sorts of parameters: This is not a quick reference to pull up for daily gameplay, this is for all the hardcore factmongers out there. To go along with this table, there is a sheet that outputs the most efficient bandage based on the type and size of wound you put into it: [Cheat Sheet] ACE Advanced Bandage Evaluation You can find two drop-down menus in the top left corner for you to manipulate. A couple calculations later, you’ll be given the best and worst bandages highlighted in a table. That sheet above and / or the table below you could in theory pull up in the background or on a second monitor and relatively quickly find out which bandage to use. Though none of these methods beat an ingrained knowledge of bandages. Start with the common wounds, then look at the more exotic cases in your own time. To summarise based on efficiency and personal preference: Light green means viable, white means not ideal, light red means waste of time. Dark green means Editor's Choice, dark red means Stay Away. Vital Signs To treat someone effectively, you must know which symptoms to treat in the first place. There are three types of vital signs. Heart rate, HR: The fundamental indicator of life. Is affected by drugs as well as physical activity and pain. High: >120 Normal: ~80 Low: <45 Blood pressure, BP: A complicated measure to factor in, so we'll get back to this one later. These are basic numbers for a quick assessment. Is affected by blood loss, inversely then by IVs and to a very minor extent by pulse High: above 150/90 Normal: around 120/80 Low: below 90/60 Pronounced: "120 over 80" Patient response: If you get a response from this action, you might as well have asked the patient directly if he's conscious. Cardiac arrest is the technical term for a heart that has stopped beating. Several things can cause this: Low heart rate (HR below 20) High heart rate (HR above 200) Blood pressure above 260/anything HR above 190, BP x/190+ HR above 150, BP 150+/y Cardiac arrest will kill you if you remain in that state for 2 to 5 minutes, unless CPR is applied periodically. So you see, these aren't just indicators for you to know what's lacking: if they're too much out of whack they will kill your patient. Ideally, you will want all of these values to end up around their normal levels once you've finished your treatment. To do so, we're now going to look at... Injections and IV Bags Fluids go out, fluids go back in. You can explain that. Soon. You can directly influence heart rate and blood pressure using your injections. Drugs are applied in their own tab, while IVs are used from Advanced Treatments. All medication takes 3 seconds to inject. Heart rate is influenced by all four autoinjectors: Morphine, Epinephrine, Adenosine and Atropine Morphine drastically lowers pain temporarily, but reduces the HR by an average of 20 per application while also thinning the blood. Thinner blood means increased bleeding, so try to apply morphine at or near the end of your assessment! You can effectively terminate a patient's pulse using this drug, use with caution! Lingers in the system for 15 minutes Within that time frame, 4 applications are usually fatal either due to cardiac arrest (low HR) or respiratory depression (leads to suffocation, not handled in ACE so it's just an "overdose") Epinephrine increases the heart rate depending on the starting value Low HR: Increase by about 15 Normal HR: Increase by about 35 High HR: Increase by about 30 Lingers for 2 minutes and takes 10 applications for an overdose Adenosine lowers the HR and thus reverses the effect of epinephrine Average decrease is 20, higher effect at higher heart rates 6 doses to an overdose Atropine is meant for NBC scenarios which are not currently modelled -- incorrectly lowers HR instead, is redundant About 40% less effective than adenosine 6 maximum doses, but... don't carry these, really Many patients will go out of their way to point out that they can hear their heart beating after you (or themselves) have given them morphine, meaning their heart rate has just dipped below nominal. If all else is optimal, they can literally walk it off and it returns to normal within a minute or two. There is no need to waste an epi on them. Moving on to IV fluids, these are surprisingly easy to summarise as they all (incorrectly) do the same thing: Blood, Plasma and Saline increase blood volume by the amount it says on the label Blood volume, in turn, directly affects blood pressure. The lower your BP, the more blood you will have lost. It's hard to recommend doses with an absolute change in BP. If you find a patient unconscious due to low blood pressure, chances are they'll need more than 1000 ml of fluid. If a patient has just now got the remark "Lost a lot of blood", a single 250 ml or 500 ml bag can fix that issue without a problem. Experiment on your own and do report your findings. Try not to administer more than 1500 ml of fluid at a time. Rather observe the changes, then come back to IVs later if necessary. Avoid wasted resources. Treatment Procedure Let us assume you've received a radio call for a medical emergency. The source of the transmission is from inside a barn 100 m west of your position with hard contact to your north. The way there is without cover and concealment, but breaking south would offer you some chest-high walls and a bit of defilade to hide behind, albeit at the cost of longer transit. You have two choices here: Move south to go the long and safe way around, potentially giving your patient's wounds more time to stain the floor red, or deploy a smoke wall to traverse an open field with bullets whizzing past, but being much quicker to arrive. Think fast, or find a mediating factor. Ask, via radio, for a quick first assessment or even just if the casualty is conscious. Stow your rifle, then book it along your chosen path. Arriving at the scene means finding the casualty as quickly as possible, opening the medical menu and taking vitals in one swift motion. Pulse If no pulse, ask a bystander to apply CPR as soon as possible while you work, once every half minute If no pulse and the body is a ragdoll with a dropped rifle, assign Deceased on the triage card. The patient is dead. If extreme pulse (below 20 or above 250), inject epinephrine or adenosine respectively. Blood Pressure Check for wounds If wounded, apply tourniquets to limbs Prioritise head and torso, then proceed as follows: If the body is severely broken (as if from a mortar or BMP barrage), use elastics and prepare for surgery. Call for help if you see too many injured body parts. If the wounds are manageable, apply the most efficient bandages as you remember them. Large wounds first, mediums have priority on head & torso If head and torso are reduced to small injuries or none, move on to the most severe limbs Once all major wounds are cared for, apply IV fluids based on the BP you took. BPs of 90/x call for 750 - 1000 ml, check again afterwards BPs of 80/x and lower call for more, but never more than 1500 ml at a time. Stabilise the patient entirely, then use your surgical kit. Recheck vitals after or just before surgery. Re-apply IV if blood pressure is still low, smaller steps of 250 - 500 ml at a time. Inject drugs as required. Pain can cause unconsciousness. If vitals are otherwise nominal, use morphine to wake up. Low HR leads to unconsciousness. If BP and pain are nominal, apply epinephrine to wake up. If HR is above 250, apply Adenosine Tourniquets (also called CATs) are placeholder treatments for limbs, quickly thrown on in half the time it takes to bandage, namely 4 instead of 8 seconds. They can turn a P1 into a P2 even quicker than any bandage could so you can focus on more pressing head wounds or drug treatments in case of bad vital signs. Remember to take them off after you're done and ask for them if somebody else has already. You need them to be effective. Surgical Kits close all wounds on a body permanently, provided the patient is stabilised and has no bleeding wounds. Application takes time based on the number of wounds, specifically # of wounds * 5 sec. Recommended Loadouts After all, you cannot just rub dirt on it. Let me reiterate: A medic should remain mobile first and foremost. As such, you should aim to keep your weight low, ideally below 30 kg (which is easy with 3CB equipment, but a challenge with RHS US Army gear unfortunately). For a baseline, I'm using RHS US Army OEF-CP gear with an Eagle backpack which offers a nice balance of capacity and weight while showcasing what I feel is the minimum you should bring: The Mobile Medic 12 Basic Bandages 12 Elastic Bandages 15 QuikClots 20 Packing Bandages 6 Tourniquets 8 Morphine 6 Epinephrine 2 Adenosine Saline 1x 1000 ml 2x 500 ml 2x 250 ml Plasma 1x 1000 ml 2x 500 ml 2x 250 ml 2 Surgical Kits This will get you through most AOs just fine. Remember that this is only the backpack's contents, you should always bring your personal supplies from your basic kits as well. With this kit, you can share bandages, but it's an autonomous loadout that aims to be prepared for two or three worst-case scenarios. If you give away too much, do not be afraid to ask somebody else to help and share when you need them to. For all the BAF medics, you have an easy life thanks to your amazingly light base kit and roomy backpacks (with stretchers to boot). The BAF Bandage Dispenser 15 Basic Bandages 15 Elastic Bandages 20 QuikClots 35 Packing Bandages 8 Tourniquets 10 Morphine 8 Epinephrine 2 Adenosine Saline 2x 1000 ml 4x 500 ml 4x 250 ml Plasma 1x 1000 ml 4x 500 ml 4x 250 ml 2 - 4 Surgical Kits 1 Banana Considering a sensible amount of ammo and a good stock of smoke grenades, both of these should be around 30 kg, depending on your personal preferences they may go up to 32. --- Closing Words We made it! I knows this was a load to read, but if you are new to all of this, it's been worth the gander. The same goes for everyone who knows what they're looking for; be it a loadout, a treatment rundown or just hard numbers to minmax bandage use. It's all here. That said, if you see anything that's wrong or don't see something you think should be there, comment! This thread will remain open for discussion and will be updated with all new insights I gather or intel I receive, including potential ACE Medical reworks. I'm planning to create another cheat sheet that summarises bandage use, treatment procedures and vital signs that fits on an A4 page or average second monitor. There are a number online, but beware of outdated or plain wrong information -- ACE has undergone a number of changes in the past year and some of the old stuff still lingers on reddit and the like. As always, here's the link to the Google Doc for easier commenting and reading: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15owR_fq7OFqZUt9k5aVQbLPap4SrsE33ZXocPk4i1KE/edit?usp=sharing Cheers Skull
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    "Play your Role"

    The clue is in the definition of "role", which according to that so infrequently used tool called the dictionary is: the position or purpose that someone or something has in a situation Position - where you sit in the hierarchy - obey orders. Don't give them if you're not supposed to. Purpose - what are you there to do? Do you have the right kit to do it? In other words, let the medics do their stuff, pilots to their stuff, etc. Do what's expected of you and respect what others do. Situation - Know the mission, know the orders. Adapt accordingly. Play according to the situation. For example, my AT guy gets killed, I'm the Medic, his AT launcher is right there and the BMP that is killing my teammates is within range. Should I, as the medic, shoot the BMP? I think yes, the situation demands it. Does that mean that I as the medic walk around with an AT launcher just in case? No.
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    Fast Roping at its Finest

    @ShadowAce11 @KingFronXos @GandalfTheCray @oO_ScarFace_Oo
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    AT Practice Range - Mission File

    Hi all Recently on AWE there's been a few people saying things along the lines of "damn, I need practice with the AT4". Attached to this post is a mission file containing five AT firing ranges: One on flat ground in the salt flats, One on top of a hill shooting down, One at the bottom of a hill shooting up, An airburst range, and finally... A live-fire range where you can choose from a set of limited equipment and engage targets that WILL fire back at you. There will be infantry scattered throughout a town and the surrounding area, and the town will contain IFVs, APCs and an MBT. You can teleport to each of the ranges using the scroll wheel menu, and there's a few resupply crates at each. Practice your skills with the AT4, M72, RPG-7, RPG-26, SMAW and MAAWS at distances ranging from 100m to 1.2km and at varying angles of elevation. The file is unbinarized so you can easily tweak the .sqf to your heart's content. Step-by-step instructions (if you don't know how to run the mission file): 1) Download and unzip the file below. 2) Copy the unzipped version into your Arma 3 "missions" directory for your character's profile. For me, this is in Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\GandalfTheCray\missions. 3) Boot up Arma with the AWE modset and launch into the Eden Editor (any map). 4) Click "Open", select "Missions" from the left-hand box and you should find "ATRange". 5) Open ATRange and launch in singleplayer using the button in the bottom right of the editor! ATrange_v_1_1.Altis.zip
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    Medic system on EU3

    When we had no insta death no matter what, the gameplay devolved as did player skill. Massively. Players just rushed head-on with no fear of dying, because they couldn't, in fact, die.
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    Is this ok or not ok?

    Noticed the same pattern lately - unfortunately A LOT. 1) MAT filled even when not warranted People log in lobby and have to see, that Aplha squad looks like Swiss cheese, yet they fill MAT. Worse - sometimes fill MAT even when ASL is not present. 2) Overuse of HE. MAT purpose is to deal primarily with enemy armored vehicles, not to play line-of-sight mortar support, unless SPECIFICALY instructed to by command. 3) Giving sh** about command structure If you joined MAT - a support unit - when ASL is not present, then you are under command of Alpha1 Team Lead. You are not independent kaboom squad. I can't stress enough, how does presence of MAT on almost empty server discourages me from logging in as Teamlead, and I bet its the same for others who want to help with more organised gameplay.
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    Hey guys!

    I'm Brian (using B. Monnissen in Arma 3 since that was my name back when I was in a MilSim unit) and I'm a 22 years old guy from Belgium. I've been playing on the enhanced server for the last two weeks and was able to join one Gamenight (which was pretty fucking awesome!). I've been playing Arma 3 for 3 years and been into several MilSim units. I was looking for a enjoyable and friendly community to play Arma 3 with and I found it :D! I hope I can get to know you all, hang out and play some more games! Currently, I'm still studying Biomedical Sciences: Molecular Biology and Molecular Medicine at the Catholic University of Leuven. In my spare time I sport (football, running and cycling), go to concerst and play games (ofcourse...). I'll see you guys around, Cheers!
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    Malden Island Race

    I've just been exploring the Malden map released in the Arma 3 update. It's stunning and I've had the idea of a gamenight involving a 2-4 lap race around the island. This is in my opinion the perfect venue for an event like this- challenging terrain, coastal roads, and a map that isn't too large. Maybe having 2 players in each car with toolkits (in case of crashes), and lower fuel in each car. This would ensure at least 1 refuel at a point in the race. Drivers would switch every lap. No GPS allowed, with First Person view only. The driver would have to depend on his partner to give directions/ speed control/ upcoming turns etc. Mark the course clearly on the map. 2-4 pilots in the air during the race to ensure every driver stays on course during the race (maybe even record/ livestream the whole thing from the air?). Time penalties for shortcuts. Maybe even change the time of day/ weather to make it more challenging. Have staggered starts between each car of about 20-30 seconds to prevent crashes and pileups. The pair of drivers with the fastest time to complete all laps wins. This could be complex to put together but I have no doubt it would be fun. Something different to the standard shooty shooty Arma. Thanks for reading, Michal
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    Lost Bullet

    Is this ok or not ok?

    I debated with myself if I should comment on this or not, but most of people know when I have something to say I will say it even if people like or not. So...here it goes: In my opinion this kind of thing is clearly against the rules: Not following command Wasting assets (shooting rockets at a house when it could be cleared with guns) Almost teamkilling by destroying a house where friendlies are near by Its not the first time that I see support teams doing whatever they want and to be honest I'm kind of tired of that and for me that means less AWE hours and availability to play there.
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    [GUIDE] Calibers & How they perform

    Hello again one and all! Time for a new guide I reckon. Here, I will be testing the common BLUFOR and OPFOR calibers in use, in their two MODDED forms (3CB and RHS) against both a russian rifleman, and a MEM guerilla. The guerilla is consistently wearing nothing but webbing, and the russian wearing a plate carrier. Please bare in mind that these results are from a sterile environment. A perfectly flat surface in the editor is used to provide the cleanest testing environment possible and targets are handcuffed to remove any obstruction (weapon) and stop any movement.. All shots are taken at the centre mass of the target and will be tested a minimum of 5 times to show any variance. For rifles I will be using the first magazine that is available on the arsenal, I will not be cherry picking. This guide is NOT under any circumstances a be all and end all. There will be situations in which these rounds will kill quicker or slower, depending on the target themselves, their position, distance etc. Included in this guide will be... 9mm, .45 ACP, 5.56 NATO, 7.62 NATO, 5.45x39, 7.62x39, .300 win mag, .338 Lapua and .50 BMG Handgun calibers are tested at a range of approximately 30m, while intermediate and heavy calibers are tested at a range of 300m. As you can tell from my results here, a proper vest is literally a life saver. There is no good excuse not to wear one. This was part of the purpsoe of running these tests. Let's begin... 9mm - Weapons Used ----- L13A1 & Glock 17 For plinking and getting frustrated as to why he's not dead after 2 magazines 3CB - 1-2 rounds to kill guerilla, 3-5 on Russian. RHS FMJ - 1 round on Guerilla, 3-5 on Russian. On one test, the russian was knocked out by 3, stood up and took 2 more. Knocked out again and died of blood loss. RHS JHP - 1 round on Guerilla, 2-4 on Russian. Surprisingly effective rounds. I was under the understanding that even up close these rounds simply could not punch through a plate carrier, but how wrong I was. I'm calling these my winner for 9mm rounds. .45 ACP - Weapons Used ----- M1911A1 Trade more recoil for more power. Seems simple, right? Right? RHS HP - 1 round to kill the guerilla, 3-6 on the Russian. These were the only rounds available for the 1911 and their performance was disappointing at best. I'm going to be fairly flat out and say I wouldn't recommend carrying a .45 pistol. 5.56 Nato - Weapons Used ----- L85A2, M16A4 & G36KV Freedom covered in a full metal jacket 3CB - 1-3 rounds on Guerilla, 4-6 on Russian. Fairly standard performance here and roughly what I expected. RHS (MK318) - Consistently one round on the guerilla, with one being a knock out that he bled to death from. 2-5 on Russian. I'm going to recommend the RHS 5.56 here by an overwhelming majority. RHS (EPR for G36) - One round on guerilla, 2-5 on Russian. These perform identically to the MK318, but with their restriction to only the G36 series rifles (KV, C and KV GL) 7.62 Nato - Weapons Used ----- L129A1 & Mk11 For when you need to deliver freedom further away 3CB Standard - 1 round on Guerilla, 2-3 on Russian. Standard performance. 3CB AP - 1 round on Guerilla, 1-2 on Russian. Fantastic rounds that suffer greatly from bullet drop at range, requiring much more adjustment than normal. The secret weapon of the 3CB DMR. RHS (M118) - 1 round on Guerilla, 1-3 on Russian. A versatile round, good for close range and long range engagements. As much as I want to give this to the 3CB AP rounds, I'm going to call the M118 my winner for 7.62 NATO RHS (M993 AP) - 1 round on Guerilla, 1-3 on Russian. The 3 here was an outsider on the results. Consistently 2 rounds with one test taking 3, but the second knocked him out. Slightly better performance than the M118, but more severely affected by weather which means the M118 still beat it out in overall performance. 5.45x39 Russian - Weapons Used ----- AK74M (NPZ for ease of optics) High speed communism delivery RHS (5N7) - 1 round on Guerilla, 2-4 on Russian. Excellent performance vs Nato 5.56. 7.62x39 Russian - Weapons Used ----- AK103 (Zentico for ease of optics) Innacurate, slow communism delivery RHS (57-N-231) - 1 round on Guerilla, 2-6 on Russian. These rounds are horrible. Terribly innacurate at 300m, very difficult to land rounds in the right place. Tested this 15 or so times to make sure that I wasn't getting stray headshots. If you have a choice, take the 5.45x39. Every rifle from here on kills the insurgent in one round, no matter if it is a glancing blow or a direct hit. .300 Win Mag - Weapons Used ----- M2010 ESR Because hunting rifles can be used to hunt people, too RHS - What a round. Incredibly flat trajectory and excellent damage. 1-2 rounds to kill Russians, with the first round being a knockout if not an instant kill. Bolt action only means low RPM however. .338 Lapua - Weapons Used ----- L115A3 For when you need to put a tennis ball sized hole in something 2 miles away 3CB - Incredible. Killed all targets in one round to the torso in 15 tests. Only drawback is its availability, only through a bolt action rifle. .50 BMG - Weapons Used ----- L135A1 & M107 For when you really, really, really need something to be removed from existance entirely These weapons are not available as standard to any infantry role, however I like to shoot big guns so I'm testing them anyway. I'm not even going to show the results individually. These rounds obliterated everything they touched, with the RHS HEIAP rounds even causing splash damage to nearby targets, killing the insurgent stood next to the Russian on every test.
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    Lost Is a Little B**ch!

    Lost at his finest, open opportunity for an epic play, what does he do? He just runs... Poll was made because I was board hahaha. @Lost Bullet @Miczils @BloodInTheSand @IOnceWasATeddy
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    Today's TvT - Gauntlet vs Gauntlet (GvG)

    Hey folks, Today's TvT will be something slightly different - BLUFOR and OPFOR playing against each other on a subset of the standard Gauntlet missions. AI is still there - the CHDSK rebels - and they fire on both BLUFOR and OPFOR. We playtested it this afternoon and it was epic. The more folks the better!
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  18. 5 points

    AhoyWorld Enhanced - Moving Forward

    Lythium i think i just camed in my pants ...
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    AWE media distribution

  20. 5 points

    Whats that comming over the hill?

  21. 4 points

    Fast Roping at its Finest

    Third person because, well, first person would give you an epileptic fit What happened before I started recording: 1) A guy ejected from the heli and landed on top of a guy who was in the middle of fast roping 2) I get the red screen effect (like when you're in a jet being upside down for too long) 3) The red screen effect dissipates and we launch into an unstable low earth orbit
  22. 4 points

    "Play your Role"

    I'm taking a census, and possibly starting a discussion. Please respond with your personal interpretation of the phrase "Play your Role."
  23. 4 points

    "Play your Role"

    1. Take appropriate gear 2. Be a team player 3. Do what is necessary to get the mission done 4. Have some fun in your role 5. Don't do stupid shit Simple as that....
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    U wot

  25. 3 points

    First Day of Ahoy Forces on Lythium

    A little late, but here a screenshot taken of our UAV operator while I was bleeding out. This was seemingly the first time Lythium was being played on Gaunlet and it was (I think the seconds mission?). We were all just awestruck by the beauty of this map *O*
  26. 3 points

    "Are we there y-"

    @GandalfTheCray, the passive aggressive co-driver.
  27. 3 points

    Reversing ftw

    You probably survived because you were reversing. Moral is "always reverse into an IED truck."
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    Ben don't feel too bad about the mission and the way it ended up. Some people gave you a hard time, but if they have opinions they should post them here along with suggestions on how to improve. Here's my suggestion - and I'm going to sound like a broken record - IT'S ALL ABOUT THE ORDERS and the chain of command. In real life, combat operations go to wrong all the time, like this one was supposed to. The story is a crashed chopper, everyone's lost their kit, command is down, orders are not flowing. So, in real life, soldiers have standard procedures which they follow, as well as a standard chain of command. One of the things we do worst is AWE is give orders properly and follow chain of command. Very simply put, most ASLs (including whoever was ASL during your op) have no idea how to give clear orders ahead of the mission. I just watched the stream and ASL says "we have no orders....." Not good. EVERYONE should know what the hell is going, and last night, nobody did. As a mission designer it is your job to help the ASL (or PlatCo) give good orders. In other words, you need to give him the scenario, the intel, the possible situations that may develop, and in a case where you need a heavily scripted turn of events like this one, some hints as to what might happen. In other words, "what happens if the chopper gets shot down....." If you did, then ASL didn't pass any of that on to the TLs or the TLs didn't pass anything down. A couple of specific things: 1) The respawn was in a bad place. I spawned back after the crash and immediately got shot in the head. That means I lost 4 minutes, and when I came back the second time I had no weapon and it took me a good couple of minutes to find one. I was combat ineffective for a long time, and then it took me even longer to sort of make sense of what was going on. Suggestion, move the spawn to a safe place, inside a house or something like that. 2) My Shacktac stopped working on respawn. This was bad, because it's hard enough to find your squad with it, more so without it. I don't know if that was unique to me. I think that what you want is for people to get organised as soon as possible to get on with the mission. On the flip side, TLs were terrible at getting people organised. I lost my team and never found them again until the very end. I'm pretty sure they weren't looking for me. TLs have a responsibility to make their team function and not just run off, which mine did. 3) Where I think things got very wrong was when the tanks showed up. I heard you say that the reason you put the tanks in was to keep people in the compound. But that was never going to happen. I think everyone just reacted to, "tank, we have nothing to kill it with, get the F out!" 4) You had a chance to let people regroup at the airfield. I'm not sure if it was you who placed the infantry there or not, but there were bad guys with RPGs at the airfield and it was only natural for the pilots and ASL to get the plane to safety. When the RPG hit the plane, that was it, game over. My suggestion would be that you should have kept the airfield safe and delivered an Overlord message to secure the airfield, or something like that. I think this just shows that players won't react how you expect, and if you expect them to react a certain way you should tell them. In other words, give them a Standard Operating Procedure ahead of the game. My final thought, and a repeat of my previous comments: improve your briefing, take time to give good clear orders and intel. No mission in real life would happen without these. They shouldn't happen on AWE either. And one for the community - ASLs and TLs, learn to give good orders! Ben, don't get discouraged; don't give up on making missions. And finally, I'm happy to help you write orders, give ideas for future missions, etc....
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    Lost Bullet

    Arma Franchise Steam Sale

    Prepare yourself's for the noobs and script kiddies invasion!
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    Due to the modpack overhaul, players can expect to see this map on server soon. Regards, Copey
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    SU-260/P (MDO) It is the default RHS USAF -> USMC W/D -> "Machine Gunner" scope and offers a 6x magnification and a red dot sight on top of it but is not NV-compatible (as the name says: MDO = Machinegun Day Optic). Even though the default USMC W/D "Machine Gunner" has a M240 I think the scope is also absolutely usable for M249s because even though that M249s have sligthly lesser accuracy when compared to the M240s they offer the advantage that M249s have a bigger max-range than M240s wich is in my opinion more important when using a 6x magnification. Also ARs can take M240s as well on AWE and there are already two other 6x magnification scopes available: the "Trijicon ACOG TA648MR" and the "Trijicon ACOG TA648MR-308" (the only difference is the look of the crosshair). These ones also aren´t NV-compatible and also have a red dot sight on top wich means that the the "SU-260/P (MDO)" will be totally balanced since it basically is exactly the same with just a different look, a different looking crosshair and a different zeroing (it is zeroed to 100m while the others are zeroed to 300m). Also a few pictures of the scope below: - I think it will improve the player experience since it offers a nice looking scope with a nice looking crosshair that offers distance measurement (with the horizontal lines) and a different zeroing. Also it will not make the other two scopes useless because of the different zeroing and it is nothing new that the server has to load since it is within RHAS USAF wich means that it is loaded anyway. Also as said it works perfectly fine on every AR since they all offer great distances and accuracy what makes a 6x magnification usefull since ARs are used as the units in the back to provide covering fire (for example when bounding) wich means that the fighting distance increases what then means that a scope with higher magnification than the usual rifleman scopes is totally fine. Best regards Noah
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    AWE media distribution

    some photos of the FOB that was made on the server tonight
  33. 3 points

    Gauntlet 53 Update & Feedback

    Some backstory on this, as I realize I just kind of dropped this functionality into Gauntlet without really explaining it. To be honest I don't see the Logi structures functionality as working well with Gauntlet, rather it would be better for a game night scenario. But since it's hard to test how it works and fix / improve upon stuff without it being in the common mission, I elected to put it into Gauntlet and see how it works. I agree, Fallujah is probably too small a map to really need a FOB, but I liked what I was seeing there. Unfortunately I was just getting communications all over the place and wanted to keep the mission moving forward: I really needed to be Platoon Commander in order to have a better top-down view. But also unfortunately, I had to leave right as things were getting interesting. I did have a couple of realizations, though. The first is that the dynamic of having to leave the red circle marking the AO in order to advance the next mission is antithetical to the FOB setup I was going for, and frankly, there's no need for it in the modern Gauntlet code (its original purpose was to get players to leave the general area of operations so that dead enemy bodies could be cleaned up "quietly" - ie., the players do not see the bodies disappear). I think I'll just move it towards a timer that spawns a new mission some random time after the previous mission has been completed. The next is that I'm going to develop another mission parameter to filter out missions that require the players to RTB. For example, missions which require you to bring something back to base or take something from base to somewhere else on the map. This should produce an ability to string together missions that will keep players out in the field. Disappointingly, thin objects will not stop AI from walking through them: only H-Barriers will do that. I don't think even the fences will stop AI (although the razorwire barriers might). It's not intuitive, I know, but what it does is it rotates the structure to face the direction that you're facing. So if you're facing north, it sets the object's direction to 0 degrees. If you're facing south, it sets it to 180 degrees. I initially tried "rotate left" and "rotate right" but after three turns the structure would disappear! The problem is that the structures aren't consistent in terms of how they spawn: some face the way you'd want them to, others face opposite to that. So if I rotate the H-Barrier walls 180 degrees, the other structures are now facing the wrong way, and I don't actually want to build in too much exception coding to specify which objects should spawn which way. If you spawn the structure, face south, and then set rotation, it should do what you want. I'll look into a better way of handling this, but that's the way to do it for now. I thought it was interesting that ambient targetted the FOB as it did: that definitely kept players on their toes. I do like the idea of this but there are all sorts of issues spawning a composition of buildings. What happens if you try to spawn it on a steep gradient, or if there are trees and buildings around... part of the reason the FOB truck never worked reliably was that it needed a 20m clear, flat radius to deploy on, so that structures wouldn't clip / get destroyed / destroy other things. Plus what happens if you spawn a composition and someone is standing right where an H-Barrier deploys? At least in the minecraft method there is much greater fidelity in deploying the structures where they make sense. The individual structures only exist on the client's computer while they're being deployed so they don't kill/wound players while you are placing them.
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    Lost Bullet

    "Play your Role"

    That's funny because most of the players are not fully grown up yet and some of the ones that have still behave like spoiled brats. AWE is teamwork so if you die because you are not wearing proper gear (uniforms, vests, helmets, correct weapons, ammo, weight) than you will be messing with teamwork and command objectives. Follow command, if you think you can do better take the role. If you are not in a command don't even try to give orders to everyone. Let command lay the plans to attack and squads/teams to make it work on the field. If you have a idea to improve the plan, share it, but don't forget that its command that will decide if it is to be implemented or not. Don't micro manage. PCO commands SLs and Support teams, SLs command their own teams. TLs lead the team into the field. PCO shouldn't command TLs, SLs shouldn't give individual orders to team members. I could go on in shouldn't or should or can't and can, but in the end it all depends on the individual player mentality and how he see's AWE gameplay. You can have a full book of rules with every aspect of gameplay covered but by then you would have already lost all of your player base. On the other hand, if you don't have a full page if rules to follow, people will do whatever they want because "its not in the rules". In my honest opinion, rules should only be: Follow command structure, command will have final say in any given discussion about gear, weapons, vehicles or plan. Respect other players and do your best to be a part of the team that you signed up, only play that role. And a reminder to anyone that "command structure" is PCO -> SLs (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie) -> TLs. Every other team are support teams, they don't take leadership. Players that break command structure or don't respect others should be dealt by moderators.
  35. 3 points

    "Play your Role"

    To first and most important quote the rule (Nr.8) itself: "If not a Medic or Engineer, son´t carry explosives or massive amounts of medical gear. If no Medic or Engineer is online, seek permisson from your superior. Use gear specific to your faction. If you´re in the field and run out of ammunition, ask permission before picking up an enemy weapon. Don´t overdo your loadout. A 40kg Rifleman is not acceptable." Now to my points: Use gear specific to your class (don´t take 5x blue smoke if you are LAT because you are usually don´t the guy marking an LZ and if you are... it´s not 5 times in a row...; pick an AR as Autorifleman; only pick a backpack if really needed like as AR-Assistant or engineer, etc; ...) use appropriate/protective gear: usefull vest, helmet follow the CoC (don´t give orders when you are not in command; "listen to orders from your superior, and implement them to the best of your abilities.") keep your weight as close as possible to the original weight of the class and just play your role! (be the guy laying down suppressive fire as AR, be the guy laying down explosives as Eng, etc; just apply common sense!!)
  36. 3 points

    Medic Rant

    Couldn't have put it better. Quite frankly if you are the medic and someone else is trying to order you around as to how to best treat a patient (unless you ask for the help or are unsure) - tell them to bugga off and hold security. If they have a problem with that, tell them to come find me - and while they're at that, let someone from the AWE team know 👍
  37. 3 points

    Servus leidln!

    Just noticed that I never came around to introducing myself. The name's BlastaMasta (duh), I'm 21 and currently working as an EMT for the Austrian Red Cross. I like everything that has wings, be it rotary or fixed and I bet you've seen me on AWE before Oachkatzlschwoaf!
  38. 3 points

    Medic system on EU3

    There is, and we have used it in the past. However, it introduced some issues regarding a bug. This bug meant people suffered broken legs constantly and it was not possible to fix without staff being present to manually execute a code. This bug does now have a fix but it can be cumbersome in its implementation. Broken legs are not something we at all want to return to
  39. 3 points

    Medic system on EU3

    If this was real life you'd have to leave the server, uninstall the game and lie in your virtual bed for six months, just for taking a couple of bullets. This is not real life and the server must strike a balance. I think it works perfectly as it is.
  40. 3 points

    Medic system on EU3

    So getting hit by a tank shell and not dying is realistic for you? There are problems associated with disabling instadeath that we have encountered before which led us to the current implementation.
  41. 3 points

    ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    Since I&A3 FOBs do not have vehicle service, I improvised as a Repair Specialist. @Sentri really knows the limits of his drones just to rearm here...
  42. 3 points

    MAT The Ultimate Flak Gun

    @hobnob11 @oO_ScarFace_Oo
  43. 3 points

    AWE Arsenal values

    @Noah_Hero Nothing against you it's just when you say you should always do your loadouts in vertual arsenal, its just from a new players point of view it could be a nightmare for them because, they could make a kit which they think will work but when they try and load into the server then load there kit and realise that they couldn't use half the stuff they have added. But I also like to point out ye its a good idea for an experienced player to do so because they know what they need to make a working load out which works for them and worls for the server.
  44. 3 points

    Opening up The Spartan Project

    Hello as per title We are opening up our spartans to applicants iff you intrested read below and also read the included Link Hello everyone, This is just a quick notification that we will - next to admin and moderator - also be opening up the Spartan program1 for public applications, which means that you can apply for this role now; though we still might hand pick candidates.. 1 = Spartans are the players with Zeus access on our public servers (EU#1 & EU#2) We’ve set up a couple of requirements you have to meet before your application will get considered, these are: No minimum position required. Must be a forum member for over 3 month. No warnings or kicks within the last 3 months. No bans in the last 6 months. Should be composed and trustworthy. Should be considerate and respectful, while this is not an administration role you will be representing the community to the public. Successful applicants must pass a Trial session and a 1 month probation period. As we would like to have an insight in what skills and creativity you already possess we would like to see some pre-built missions from you. As we would like to see the stage itself as well as what’s behind the scenes we urge you to include a “.pbo” next to some screenshots or video. We want to make sure you’re a trustworthy person and won’t just use the powers for your own benefit. This is why next to the couple of missions we would also like to recieve a small essay about your motivation behind your aspiration. After you have been accepted into the program we will also have a certain evening in the week in which you can try out your powers while an admin will be there to lead your first experience to good ends. APPLY HERE
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    So where is the update?
  46. 2 points

    Dynamic campaign on AWE?

    I have thought about it as well, and I've looked into doing it with Alive. With this option it would be something we'd run on EU6 as a weekend-long special operation, or something similar. I'd really like to see something like this though. Side note and a bit off topic, but still related; I'd really like to see an anti-insurgency style mission too. Offer something waaaaay different to what we have currently
  47. 2 points

    TFAR problems

    Make sure that teamspeak is started as admin otherwise this can be an issue
  48. 2 points

    Medic system on EU3

    Well it's not like you die instantly. You can easily just be unconscious from pain. It's just the period of you having heart failure which is disabled for reasons stated above. Just yesterday a shell struck about 2m next to me and I got blown away. I was lying there unconscious for about 4 or 5 min. Honestly, I don't think a human being should be able to survive anything more then that. If a medic would have revived me and patched me up (which he could completely, you can do a good two dozen wounds in 2 min if you know what to do) I would be fully combat effective again which is unrealistic and that's using our current system. In RL (and I am guessing here), I might have survived being blown to shreds, but I would have had to been stretchered out and medevaced ASAP. Being up and gunning again within 10min of treatment is a little silly. This would be possible with the "insta-death" disabled.
  49. 2 points

    Jet squads

    You could argue that an operation like I&A wouldn't happen without air cover, and expect enemy air units to come fight for air superiority. If that were simulated, you could have jets on both sides doing counter air and CAS. That being said, IMO, ArmA is a good infantry simulator, with a decent helicopter simulation but falls short terribly when it comes to jets. Theatres are by far not large enough (would need to be at least 4x Altis), and flight visibility should be increased (at least 25KM, preferably more). For that reason, I don't think ArmA is the right sim to set up such an environment. I also doubt any ArmA-server would be able to host both a ground war AND a continuous air battle.
  50. 2 points