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  2. Short answer: Yes all the gear CBRN hazmat suits will be in, apart from the “scientist” one which is bright white, and the Drones will be available for the UAV OP. Shotguns will be available to all classes also.
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    Good Morning Altis

    Good Morning Xwatt
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  5. I would like to know if the contact DLC will be added to the Arma servers I would really like it if the CBRN suits would be added and for all classes to be able to use them The same with The shot Gun and the new drones to be incorporated as well
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    Tank Battle Aftermath

    Midnight I swear I couldn’t see anything, and when I did they were already dead
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    Iam very sorry Reci, I forgot to deal with the appeal. Ban appeal is successful.
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    Tank Battle Aftermath

    Meanwhile Xwatt sitting on a hill in a Rhino "I can't see any targets". Explosions and gun fire all around and Xwatt can't find anything to shoot at
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    Is there even a chance to get an answer??
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  12. I would like to see squad leaders make more use of the in game command control (marking wp's/go here/regroup/target assignment). But I also think it could go kind of obsolete if command channel will work again next time. When i first joined i was squad leader after few minutes bc everyone left my squad (don't laugh please lol). I had trouble with the not working command channel and someone suggests TS for workaround. I've been roasted for asking for advice in the alpha channel at ts, as if i'm not knowing how to use anything in arma. And that happened during the (idle) time between these missions... I had problems to get clear instructions/advice for supporting my unit in certain situations, so i kept straying around a little. If you want a noob like me to get involved with his weapons (was playing LAT) just offer me clear instructions. Overall enjoyed it a lot. That TS workaround lowered the feel of immersion for me a little. I don't want to have the ts overlay sitting on top just to see who's (of the like 20 people) talking (to me). That debriefing was wholesome and gave me goosebumps. I was so proud to be part of that experience. Please do it again. We all learn from that and it's awesome that a game this "old" can give you this joy. I hope i can be part of it next time. This will be great! (PS: AhoyWorld people, you guys are awesome. Love you for giving me joy and being part of a great community!)
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    Queen's Country

    British soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment march forward through Estancia towards Port Stanley during the war for the Falkland islands. Islas Malvinas, 1982.
  14. I think the mission went pretty well, I thoroughly enjoyed the more serious organised structure. My advice for improvement would be: Obviously fix the communication issue so that we have clear communications between just the leaders, then information can be passed down each squad by their respective leader. Add a Platoon Commander, he will be in charge of the overall plan for the infantry squads and armoured assets, as well as placing LZ's and issuing orders for Vortex. He could still give the squads a bit of leniency where required, but overall he will keep things organised over a common plan. MAYBE add a FTL (Fire Team Leader) role to the squads, personally I just opted that one of my men take the role, but perhaps a chosen role for this would promote the usage of them more. However, given the squads current size of 8, if you add a FTL, I would suggest adding another man to bring the squad to a healthy 10 rather than a odd 9. But, 10 is about the max I'd say, going upwards of about 12 men in a squad is starting to get too large. But again, that is IF you add a FTL, it isn't needed if we just recommend the SL's to pick a man. Perhaps also the Platoon Commander, there could be a FAC (Forward Air Controller), however I think given the fact we are not using a radio mod, this won't really be an issue. Especially given the fact that Vortex needs not communicate too often. For briefings, as Johnson stated in the debrief, perhaps an overall briefing at the beginning of the mission in a main hall could be good to give everyone a brief idea of the mission, then once that is discussed, have a more in depth brief with the main leaders. I suppose a good element for Platoon would be: Platoon Command Platoon Medic (he could also be in charge of setting aid stations on larger missions) Platoon FAC (If needed, but again, without a radio mod I don't think it's absolutely needed unless our mission will mainly revolve around a Vortex usage) Overall the mission was really fun, I for one also enjoyed taking an impromptu Platoon Commander role over the mission, It's something I enjoy doing knowing I can give the knowledge and advice to the newbies. One thing I would like to see however, is perhaps more of a logistical usage. I can understand the want to keep the mission going a bit quicker and having an arsenal to replenish everyone's ammo. But perhaps having Vortex or maybe a logistical team who can set up encampments where ever (maybe with the help of a zues) would bring a fresh bit of gameplay to the game. This would also mean that Platoon Command can choose where he wants the camp and having the Logistical team work alongside perhaps Vortex and Zues to get it done. This Logistical Team could also perhaps be a Weapons Team when not being used for Logistical support, and perhaps use Artillery or Mortars. Astounding job from Bravo, they may have lacked some of the organisation, formation work and perhaps communication of my team initially. But, given their overwhelming task, their teamwork and perseverance prevailed and I was amazed how well it went for them. It was a pleasure to work with their leader, whom I found to be one of the best squad leaders I've worked with and that's coming from an AWE/EU3 Veteran since day 2 of its launch back in 2014. I mean this with full sincerity, you did great. My only advice to give, make sure your men are safe in buddy teams and try not to have them clustered up so much as one big group. This is especially useful when you are in CQC, which you did go into numerous times and unfortunately you missed a few enemies on the buildings which could've been fatal. Just make sure you dedicate some men to go door-kicking and get the buildings fully clear. Other than that, great job and a good job to your FTL who kept me informed when you couldn't. Alpha also did a great job, we just got unlucky during the last assault on the main airfield. Part of this was down to some poor luck but also the fact I misjudged my attack and it unfortunately led to the death of much of my men. Apologies for that, I did suffer a bit of combat stress from all the leading so it made my decisions start to falter in minor details. Another good reason however, to add an overall leader like a Platoon Commander. Good work to the vehicle crew, there could have been a bit more I would have liked from them, however that is not their fault. It's mainly just down to the fact that I was too disconnected from Bravo's fight and I was unable to correctly deduce the best plan of action for them, but the vehicle's fire support was incredibly useful and a big confidence boost to the men on the field. Just having that Marshall with us on the AAC was a big enough confidence boost to Alpha to make a large push down the airfield. Also thanks to the Vortex teams for running the reinserts, you kept Alpha with a stable number of men even during our most critical moments and I can understand that it wasn't easy getting close with that Tigris and Armata's cannon having a grid lock over most the airfield. Overall, really fun mission and I'm so pleased to see a large community come together to play as a team. I've been starved of good, organised, serious fun ArmA for quite a while now and I'm pleased to say that EU2 actually satisfied me quite a bit, despite perhaps some of my previous thoughts of how the mission could have gone. Unfortunately, I won't make it to the next one as I'm having a Mini Holiday (pun intended again) and won't be back until Tuesday. I would've really loved to perhaps do a Platoon Lead on that mission but there's always another time. I suppose it gives someone else a chance to lead and perhaps do things the way they'd quick like to do it.
  15. Soon™ It wont be coming until at least after the Contact Update from what i understand, plus there's still some testing to do after that I believe.
  16. I'm just going to suggest a few ideas i mulled over on my lunchbreak Platoon structure: Communicating with, and managing more than 2-3 elements can be really taxing. I suggest a structure that looks like this PLTCo ->2-3 SLs + FAC SL-> 2-3 FTLs FTL->4-5 FT member. (members can be split into buddy teams) Like this, we would end up with (10+1SL) ppl per squad at least, hitting the 40 player mark with 3 squads , command and support elements at minimum and still no more than 6 ppl in one group of communication channel (example: FTL pov --(FTL+4 ppl in group) -//- 1SL+2FTLs+2Medics in TS ) TL;DR think in twos, every commanding element has 2 subordinate elements, FTL has 2 buddy teams, SL has 2 fireteams, PLTCo has SLs and supports, and so on Communications: Handle group chat for level communication and TS for reaching higher ups, but have to alternate between the levels. Example: FTLS in group with 4-5 infantry and on TS with SLs - (TS to reach higher ups) SLs in group with FAC+PLTCo maybe 1-1 squad medic to be dispatched to the fireteams as needed, - FAC is on TS with vortex and uav - (group to reach higher ups) Vortex use group to talk about flight paths and hazards while can get info and recieve missions from FAC on TS - (TS to reach higher ups) Armored units can fit in, just treat armored commander as SL or tie them into PLTCo on TS - just so we can alternate again and armored command can be on group Either side of the group and TS communication has 6 or less ppl in it, each should be clear enough to convey the necessary information. The localized level communication will be the most used, the higher up only active when elements need to communicate between each other Aka FTLs have to inform another FTL or SL about threats and unfolding situation, and so on. This could clear up comms, lift the heavy load of SLs doing a lot of work while engaged in a firefight (Mad props to Mini). Briefings and conducting the missions: -Briefings were fine, mission live hint after the squad leads report back to command that they finished briefing their teams would have made the start a bit more flowing and more coordinated (instead of move when ready - alpha goes in first bravo still at arsenal), but otherwise i have nothing to add. (If PLTCo is added, the planning and breifing will be in a player's hand anyway, a ready signal can be given to Zeuses from PLTCo to start the mission)
  17. I was able to fully experience only the first mission since my internet choked during start of the second one, but still I have to say I really enjoyed my time. As mentioned by Midnight, the main problem was too many voices to handle. It was a bit painful, but still could get used to it. I also really liked our leadership on Alpha team (all props to Minipily). Short and straight orders, keeping everything together as it should be. Definitely looking to play some more missions in the future.
  18. Is the server coming online anytime soon ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. From my point of view the mission went very well, we had some teething issues but that is to be expected from the first mission in a new format. Some Items I noted: Communication This is still something to be worked on. This will likely take trial and error to best design a system to allow efficient comms between squads/command/vortex. I think a lot of the problem we had was that there were too many voices and not enough listening, this again is likely a result of this being the first mission and I imagine people will get better at this in the coming weeks. Mission Design I only played the second mission and enjoyed it a lot, I felt the number of enemies as about right. we assaulted the middle of the base so we had enemies all around and it felt like it, but it was never over the top. Platoon Structure We definitely need a platoon element which will likely include a platoon command, platoon medic and possibly a FAC. This will allow each squad lead the ability to focus on their squad only. It will also allow for more organised and free communication. again can't wait for the next mission. See you next Sunday
  20. Hi all, I know I arrived late but I still had a lot of fun at yesterdays Zeus Op. I'm looking forward to next weeks event and to keeping this going for quite some time. If you have any feedback, suggestions or anything related to the Zeus Ops please post it here.
  21. What mods are alowed on the server, shacktack, dyna? Best PK
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    Tank Battle Aftermath

    The aftermath of 4 slammers trying to defend against multiple waves of angaras
  23. If you just wanted to check that you could've just gone into the admin tools and enabled them from there.
  24. Thanks for the information, sir. I just want to make sure the mission runs properly. So, I removed the old code, added the new, and then I ran the mission in a LAN multiplayer game. I still didn't have FOBs marked on the map, even a couple minutes after loading. I will update this post after I have tested the map on our actual server but for now I still believe I am missing something. Would it be useful to upload any files for troubleshooting? Edit: Not seeing FOBs on our server either, and that is with the code added at the end of initserver. edit2.0: We got FOB Martin! Had to get to 8% completion. Our objective was to make sure they were working at all, I don't need them available at start, that was just a way to check that I didn't break them... Thanks for your assistance, sir.
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