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  3. Hello good people

    Welcome Admiral, I hope that we get some nice ships in the future that you can command
  4. ZioBorisitalia

    Moved to Ban Lifted as ZioBorisitalia was probably autokicked for teamkilling and not banned. ** As a side note I did warn him for his premeditated teamkilling.
  5. https://clips.twitch.tv/KindKitschyAnteaterRiPepperonis
  6. Squad XML Membership

    Yes, I'm afraid it was, ill review your application again in a few days
  7. This was the screen I got right after joining the server, couldn't do anything, couldn't exit the map, couldn't press esc, ... Had to alt +f4 and reboot arma. After rebooting arma I got the normal spawn screen.
  8. [AWE] OP Organised Stiletto on 24/01/2018 at 1900 UTC

    As per a very sensible request, I changed the form to include a "no leading role" option. If you'd rather not lead but are willing to jump in if needed, pick that for your first choice. Or if you at the most want to lead a fireteam, for example, but otherwise prefer a non-leading role, you can of course do that, too. Cheers!
  9. Bornholm discussion thread

  10. Bornholm discussion thread

    @AwesomeWambowe tried Bornholm, and then removed it after it wasn't working well
  11. Bornholm discussion thread

    I think Bornholm is an good idea but it's the FPS Drop and Probably when you add upp troops and stuff you will get a really low fps so It's would be no idea I think just because the FPS. The gameplay would be slow, I generally like the map but hate the fps.
  12. Squad XML Membership

    I'd quess it's for - At least 5 constructive posts (yes we will check)? I'm a known player, just that I not active on the forums.
  13. Really good idea of scenarios... Even the fact vehicles were not pristine and ready to fight was really immersive. I had to leave behind the vulcan truck but we weren't usefull as hammer tank was down twice... It's really sad people disconnected after the blank try...(we didn't knew we will had a blank[ I understand why you didn't say anything about blank try]) I didn't espect BTR for the OpFor recon. (this one got me with Torch on the second try). (the only negative thing I see is that my driver on the second try didn't listen to TS so we had trouble for directions)
  14. Squad XML Membership

    Sorry, you haven't met the requirements to be added to the squad XML yet.
  15. 2 motorized divisions, 2 armored divisions, 2 full infantry divisions, and we escape with 7 people + 4 civi's... 11/10 would wipe 40 ppl again.
  16. Last week
  17. Squad XML Membership

    Squad Name: Members A3 Name: Kapten Wambo TS UID: bOy2DvXRBQ7nt/buJQq+09Zjdsw= A3 UID: 76561198082556602 A3 Remark/Quote: I will find another way around.
  18. ZioBorisitalia

    In-game name when banned: ZioBorisitalia What message displays when you attempt to connect? "The message will not disappear..." Why do you think you were banned? teamkill Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? 2 of the 4 teamkill was an error, 1 for stupidity and the last because he deserve it, i have done a side task to reward a tank, i done it and when i went to the base he steal the tank he didn't stop, he run for all map without a sense and he killed me so i respawn i took a car but when i started a genius run infront of me dieing, he saw me it's his fault, i re-respawn and he was dead so to ravenge i killed him, it's not fair but his not fair too Which administrator banned you (if known): When were you banned: today
  19. A rather different but very enjoyable scenario, which I'll be looking forward to seeing from a different perspective. Very hectic, but in my view clearly intended to be so.
  20. Ahoyworld Repo Updates

    Repository update on 20/1/18 will be slightly large: --- Revision: 69 --- Build date: 19-Jan-2018 14:16:06 New: 4 @AW_Kunduz;@AW_L_Mount;@AW_ruPal;@AW_Tembelan; Updated: 9 @AW_ace;@AW_RHS_AFRF;@AW_FIR;@AW_task_force_radio;@AW_acex;@AW_RHS_GREF;@AW_LYTHIUM;@AW_RHS_SAF;@AW_RHS_USAF; Deleted: 0 -
  21. General news and info

    Make sure that your mods are up to date for tomorrow since there was a small Repo-update!
  22. Sounds differen, try to be there. ..
  23. Weather's now handled in a custom script I built because ACE weather doesn't deal with lightning, fog and wave height. At the beginning of the mission a few random variables are assigned, though these can be overridden by parameter (there are currently rainy and sunny options that force the variable one way or the other). Specifically, stilettoCloud is randomized and modified based on the latitude of the world and whether it's night or day (in my script it tends to rain more during the day than at night). stilettoCloud translates directly to BIS' overcast variable: if it's 0.7 or higher, it's capable of raining. The fog is randomized based on stilettoCloud, but it's possible to get foggy days with or without clouds. The other value that's randomly generated is the time between weather changes: minimum 5 minutes, maximum of 40 minutes: it's influenced by the latitude of the world. A loop runs within this time interval, modifying the wind / fog / cloud / rain / waveheight / lightning based on randomly generated forecast values. At the end of the period, a new transition time is generated, and new weather forecasts are generated. Specifically about fog: the way BIS does it is incredibly efficient, which means it's not incredibly realistic, and you can get scenarios as presented, but thankfully they're relatively rare.
  24. Wasn't it something to do with the sharpness of the fog layer? It can be changed in the editor but I have no idea how this translates to Stiletto.
  25. Hello good people

    Hello welcome and I cannot comemnt on your marksman skills or piloting skills, but if you are accidentally shooting people thats a poor marksman, at least mean to do it
  26. [AWE] Organised Stiletto

    Every Wednesday, AW Enhanced sets out to orchestrate a mission on our very own Stiletto. Join us as we find out just how capable AWE players can be!
  27. That's an oldie. I haven't seen that sort of bug since my ArmA 2 days, or at least ArmA 3 Alpha. Then again, it's not been that foggy most time's I've played let alone on hilly terrain that usually causes this.
  28. Hello good people

    0/10, this guy can't fly. Doesn't even try using autohover.
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