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    @Teddy @Copey @ShadowAce11 @GrandBravo
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  4. What's Up Gents :D

    Welcome to ahoyworld! If you like modded arma feel free to join us on the enhanced server and we will happily help u get started
  5. What's Up Gents :D

    Hello, welcome, gear up, get shooting.
  6. reece millns

    Hello Reece, Thank you for requesting an appeal, however on the conditions of your last appeal, which was on the 12th of April 2016, was that if you were to get banned again, you could not appeal the ban. To which you were banned again 6 days later. Therefore, as it stands you cannot appeal the ban again, like this one you have made now. Unfortunately, the appeal will be unsuccessful, this is due to you being unable to prove to us that you can act in a well behaved manner in line with our community and specific AWE rulesets. Link to the previous appeal. Appeal Unsuccessful Origins
  7. My 2 pence

    1) Though Stan has said they are working on a fix here, there is also the issue that if 6 randoms clear a side mission with little to no comms, who gets the singlular reward? Most of the time I find myself in side misisons with people I have no idea who they are and it just gets cleared (or borked if its the intel/officer mission). Granted I don't care about rewards I do side missons for something different to a normal AO, but still. 2) I do miss the centralised base and I disagree with the choice to have it where it is for the annex feeling (as it never feels like we're annexing it anyway) fair play if they leave it where it is. However even with a centralised base, if you are in Sofia doing an AO and the next pops up at Kavala, same problem for an MBT and the trave time. 3) Nice idea, doubt it'd work but damn if it wouldn't scare the pap out of complacent hill campers to have a player squad of EI sneak up behind them and punish them (or a hilltop AT guy sat 1500m out.... not that I ever do that....).
  8. My 2 pence

    A system is in the making to ensure the right people get the reward they deserve. I can't tell you when it's gonna be ready because i don't know. It won't be for next week i can tell you that I've noticed this as well but can't immediately come up with a way to prevent people from doing this. If you have any specific ideas on how to prevent this let me know. This has been discussed extensively, both internally and here on the forum. It boils down to: no, main base is not getting moved. Some of the reasons for this: it doesn't fit in the invade spirit. Initially the AOs follow a scripted pattern towards either FOB guardian or FOB martian, from here they will randomly go across the map. Yes it takes time but once you get at the AO with assets like an MBT or an IFV you'll pretty much be able to clear entire AOs with minimal support, presuming you have a crew that's communicating properly. So to keep it a bit balanced you'll have to drive quite some time. Do one thing, piss off 50% of people make the other 50% happy. When I&A 3 was initially released there were a lot of complaints by people about AOs spawning next to each other. They said that pilots didn't have anything to do any more. Now not a lot has changed about how AOs spawn since the initial release but now there will indeed be instances where a random AO is picked and it might be on the other end of the map. It's hard to find a balance but we're trying. Certainly an interesting idea but i see a few problems. For starters it will require a lot of coding to get it working without any major bugs. And quite some more to get it working properly. This because I&A was not written with PvP in mind. Then we also have the actual gameplay problems. Say for example one of those CSAT guys takes a titan AA and sits outside of any of our bases. Or he grabs a sniper rifle and sits on a hill overlooking one of the FOBs. I'm not saying that the gameplay won't be any fun, it'll just be a pain to balance properly. Just my 2 cents
  9. What's Up Gents :D

    Welcome Ravager. See you in the battlefield.
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  11. What's Up Gents :D

    I've not got them down pat, but I'll have them tabbed as a reference when dealing with the community. I'm not one for breaking rules, so you'll have nothing to worry about from me
  12. What's Up Gents :D

    Welcome to Ahoyworld Ravager.
  13. Not a complaint at the repository, more of a mumble at the Steam workshop and it's random string of numbers it names all the downloads subscribed to.
  14. While I am downloading the AWE mod's I thought I would brain dump some of my thoughts on the I&A mission. Apologies for any repetition (I've had a quick browse to see what's been posted before). 1) Side rewards It's a shame that those of us who carry out side missions may miss out on the reward vehicle spawned back at base as you're stuck on the other side of the map. It would be good if there was a way to lock/delay spawn/relocate the reward so that those who've carried out the mission could gain from it. On a side note, it's a pet peeve of mine that people often take vehicles from the main base and drive them into the rewards field to get there before anybody else. I often spend a few minutes driving abandoned vehicles back into the spawn cause I'm nice like that :D. 2) Main base Has there been any recent discussion on the location of the main base? Thinking from a vehicle perspective (armour more than hunter/prowler), it's very time consuming to potentially have to drive the entire length of the map from main base to reach an AO. It's even more time consuming to reach the AO just as it's completed only for the new AO to spawn the other side of the map (oh it makes me laugh ). How about swapping FOB Guardian/Altis International for main base and making the old base an FOB? 3) PvP Has there been any thought on having a limited number of slots (1 or 2) available for CSAT/AAF players? In the absence of Zeus/Spartan it would be a little more interesting to have that potential intelligent foe out there fighting back (spawning in the AO locations if that can be alternated without a fixed location for a base?). All things considered, I still enjoy the I&A mission in its current revision and appreciate the time spent developing it!
  15. What's Up Gents :D

    Welcome and have fun here. Familiar with the ahoy-rules?
  16. Because they're named differently to avoid conflicts. Too many people didn't notice that was their problem.
  17. Finally getting round to re-downloading everything for the AWE server. Shame that I'm having to download a considerable amount of mods from ones that I have subscribed to in Steam. Still, when I am done, I will be terrible again on AWE
  18. What's Up Gents :D

    Hello everyone! I'm brand new here (well, rather, new to the whole Arma Community scene as a whole after 500+ hours) and just want to say a few things about myself I'm Tristan, but you can refer to me as that or Ravager, either is fine I'm 19 and in university I'm from West Virginia, USA I speak English primarily, but also a good chunk of Norwegian and some Swedish ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm in my second year of Army ROTC at my university (Reserve Officers' Training Corps, if people aren't aware) so I'm not entirely daft when it comes to tactics and such (Concerning the above: yes, you can roast me over that, it's plenty fine and we're accustomed to it) And I'm down for playing Modded A3, if you'll have me (As soon as I refresh myself on TFAR, that is) Any questions that anybody may have for me, feel free to ask away! I'm open to taking them all!
  19. Greetings!

    Welcome LazyBuzzard. I must get myself sorted out for the AWE server so I can get away from the commoners on the EU1 server *jokes*
  20. Hallo

    Hi TJ. Welcome to Ahoyworld.
  21. Andreas

    In-game name when banned: Andreas What message displays when you attempt to connect? You were kicked off the game. (Batteleye: Admin Ban)(TK/Andreas/stan Why do you think you were banned? I think I was banned by one of these things I did. "I stole a vehicle that wasn't mine to use" or "I shot my friends to many times and the admin tought that I was killing random players." (This ban happend a few months back so I don't remember what i exactly did.) Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? I think the ban should be lifted since both of the reasons above aren't that serious. I think a perma for one of these reasons is unecessary. Which administrator banned you (if known): If it's the name displayed in the message I get when I try to connect it's "Stan" When were you banned: A few months ago. Don't remeber exactly.
  22. I personally think it would world very well for Stiletto, so much possibility. Only downside is that I think it has bad frames, for me anyway (but that dosn't bother me too much)
  23. How to join and play on our I&A servers

    Might want to add some spoilers, the way it is I'm not reading it and some other may not want to, its too much text, but spoilers would make it nicer.
  24. How to join and play on our I&A servers

    And probably an even quicker way would be to favourite it and join it through the arma 3 launcher servers tab.
  25. How to join and play on our I&A servers

    Great guide, hope it can help some newcomers to the public servers.
  26. something something first person locks something something
  27. How to join and play on our I&A servers

    Because arma allows you to customize it and i prefer blue over green?
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