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  2. I&A 3 Linux Server?

    So we do a little magic under the hood to allow us to manage who has access to zeus, and it uses that file. All you do is replace the contents of the arma3_readme.txt file in your root directory (the same folder than contains arma3.exe) with the following: // arma3_readme.txt zeusAdminUIDs = [ "YOUR-GUID-HERE", "YOUR-GUID-HERE" ]; zeusSpartanUIDs = [ "YOUR-GUID-HERE", "YOUR-GUID-HERE" ]; Make sure your server has this file, that's why you're getting this message. It makes no difference what the players have on their clients, but there must be a file present on every computer for this method to work. Admins and Spartans both have access to Zeus, but Admins have access to a few extra features which are restricted from Spartans (if I recall correctly). If you verify your game files after doing this, the file contents are reset to the original readme, so keep your list of GUIDs separately or just back up your revised file. - R
  3. I&A 3 Linux Server?

    You don't have to have anything in that file, but if you don't take out the include and all things related to it i suggest having the following things in it: zeusAdminUIDs = []; zeusSpartanUIDs = []; zeusModeratorUIDs = []; Put the UID of people you want to have zeus in either the admin or spartan one. With admins getting a few additional perks. We have a moderator one because of how things are set up internally, you don't have to worry about it but just be sure to have an empty array for it to avoid unexpected behaviour.
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  5. AW Community meetings

    To clarify, click here.
  6. Ahoyworld Leadership transition

    Thanks for listening and bringing AhoyWorld to the highest peak it has ever reached @Ryko. I understand many people, including myself, have given you shit in the past but you truly have done a good job and I commend your efforts. I feel @PiranhA was a good choice to take the helm, he seems to have the best intentions for the community and is capable of listening to people's thoughts and criticisms to make it better. I would also like to thank him for his kind words as well as @Colsta after the last community meeting, it really means a lot to me. Perhaps tonight at the community meeting we can discuss things together and as a community thank you for your endeavors. It is also interesting to see David return, though we may not have the best relationship as of the last time I saw him, it is good to see an AhoyWorld Senior (EU3 Veteran like analogy, no you're not old) make a return and I see no reason why we cannot settle any differences. Once again, thank you for your efforts.
  7. I&A 3 Linux Server?

    If someone would be kind enough to give an example of the file structure, that would be helpful then others can create their own without having to remove the function.
  8. I&A 3 Linux Server?

    Include file arma3_readme.txt not found. Possibly this, its a file that contains account info for Zeus if I understand correctly. Its pulled in from initServer.sqf, you wont have this file.
  9. Ahoy all members, We have some news for you! There will be a change within the leadership of ahoyworld. Effective today, I am stepping down as leader of Ahoyworld, and handing the reigns over to PiranhA. There are a variety of reasons for this transition, which I'll get into, but I will say that this has not been a snap decision: We have had many meetings with PiranhA over the past few weeks with an eye to leadership transition, as we on the Core Staff wanted to be sure the future of Ahoyworld would be guaranteed, with progress being made in the process. I'll explain why Core Staff came to this decision of putting a fish in charge of the boat. As a bit of background, the majority of the current members of Core Staff have been running Ahoyworld for a long time, and things in their real lives have been taking precedence over pushing Ahoyworld along to make it an interesting, exciting community to play games. We've kept the motor running and paid the bills, but there hasn't been a lot of time left over to make it a better place. In short, some new blood is needed at the tiller. PiranhA has the confidence of Core Staff to keep a firm hand into new waters, as well as to keep the ship in the right direction (to maximize the amount of naval analogies). We trust him to handle the community like it is one of his kids, as we see Ahoyworld a child of our own. PiranhA has been a constant Ahoyworld supporter and has really stepped up over the years, going above and beyond his role as just an administrator in Ahoyworld: some of you may recall he assisted in hosting the Ahoyworld meetup in Holland in 2016. We hope everybody will give PiranhA a warm welcome and help him to adjust to his new position. To ease him into the position, we are going to have a long transition period: while the people in the current Core Staff positions will eventually change, for now, everyone is staying on board in their respective capacity to ensure that PiranhA gets up to speed and is supported in the best manner possible. PiranhA has a lot of great ideas for the future direction of Ahoyworld: We have been talking through and thinking about within the Core Staff and see his plans as very ambitious, but achievable. For myself, I will still be very much firmly attached to Ahoyworld, but I will be spending more time on development of both the public and modded missions. From a player's point of view - you probably won't notice any change to your gaming experience. As a final word about this transition: We are well aware that over the past few days there has been alot of unrest within the community. It's important to note that this transition is coincidental with those recent events, these discussions about transition have been ongoing for several months. Another change we want to highlight is the return of David (Muckduck) to Core Staff: we've needed another body to help out with communications, and as David has done this in the past, we're confident he'll be a great fit in this role. All the best, Ryko and Core Staff (RazGriz33, Christiansen, S0zi0p4th, Mark T)
  10. AW Community meetings

    I'd like to add that the purpose of these meetings is to be progressive and constructive. There will be limited tolerance for the airing of past grievances, inasmuch as they have any bearing on moving forward. If you have a problem with staff or a player, there are already confidential tools in place for raising those concerns.
  11. PC upgrade options 1080 GTX vs I7-8700K

    If you are sticking with 1080 gaming that set up is pretty much fine, dependant on memory available. You could upgrade the GPU and it should kick most games arses at 1080p. Second monitor as mentioned, always a good call.
  12. PC upgrade options 1080 GTX vs I7-8700K

    "Yeah, I sold my second screen; never used it anyway, had to go." - Nobody. Ever. Personally I always skip a year when it comes to graphics cards. Don't wanna spend that money staying on the cutting edge all the time, and I never go for the flagship cards, I always go for the 70, but even those are getting crazy expensive thanks to cryptocurrencies these days. I can't speak for DCS and Xplane, but both ArmA 3 and the Warhammers of Total War are notorious for not utilising the CPU too well. It's unlikely in the extreme that a CPU upgrade would avail you with those two games.
  13. Hi peeps! Perhaps that anybody with more knowledge or the same setup can help me out. My employer will give me a income tax benefit (2018) for about 750 euro to spend on computerparts. Iam looking to upgrade in the next few months, but I am not sure what I should upgrade that would give me the most benefit in gameplay. Currently I have: I5-6600K @4.1ghz. 16Gigs ram. EVGA GTX 980. 27" 1080p 60hz monitor samsung syncmaster P2770. Samsung SSD's. According to CPUID Monitor my videocard and CPU are usually 100% utilized when I game. (DCS World, Xplane, Arma3, Total War) What would benefit me most? A new motherboard, I7-8700k and new ram or something like a GTX 1080? Or wait till the new Nvidia lineup comes along in 2018? Thanks
  14. Yesterday
  15. AW Community meetings

    I will be recording and it will be live on the website the day after hopefully.
  16. AW Community meetings

    I'll be there. I'll be sure to listen then very poorly explain/translate it to Johnson so it's of no help to him.
  17. RAM upgrade

    16gb is good, but why stop there? Personally when I have upgraded my RAM last time, i have left the original 2 sticks in and just added new ones, so I have 2x4 and 2x8 for a total of 24gb. The question is, how much do you really need? If its for "normal" gaming, 16gb should be perfectly fine, but if you're like me... There comes a point in your life when you mod a game so hard it actually needs 20gbs of RAM to load a save. As said earlier, corsairs and kingstons are reasonable choice. Speaking from experience, one thing to consider when doing an upgrade is cooling. You may need to add a fanblade or two, especially if you're planning to overclock, and make sure air can circulate inside the case. Peformance won't really increase if you put new stuff in, but the pc will keep crashing because of temps. I put two bonus fans inside my case, and my friend, who has no space for them, had to lower room temperature by a couple degrees to keep playing.
  18. AW Community meetings

    Can't be there, busy with family. Looking forward to a recording.
  19. you know...becausethe last gamenight din't really happen at all.......
  20. Back in the good ol' days.
  21. Is Armaholic Dead?

    I occasionally go to their forum for some aid on scripting, not a lot tho as most questions have already been asked on the BI forums. And I look at the main page from time to time to see if there are any new interesting mods/scripts.
  22. AW Community meetings

    Ughhh really want to come but idk if I can make the first one, ill try.
  23. Is Armaholic Dead?

    Just a couple of questions to the community at large: 1. Is anyone else having issues finding any Armaholic pages? 2. Is there really a place for Armaholic since Steam & BI got their shiz together and made mod management an almost seamless and painless process? This has been posed by some recent Reddit posts where it is becoming apparent that a larger and larger group of people are turning away from Armaholic. Vitriol by some aside, it does make me wonder if Armaholic is perhaps already dead.
  24. These were actually some amazing gamenights
  25. Jinx

    closing the appeal, due to no response from the player.
  26. Stekhet-Koskit

    Hey Stekhet-Koskit , Here at Ahoyworld we operate a no tolerence policy towards racism and hate speech. Due to this i will not be unbanning you. Appeal Unsuccessful Origins
  27. JulianWilliams

    Hey Julian, since you were banned in September, and the ban was permanent, we operate a 6 month period where you cannot appeal the ban within those 6 months since your ban. So come back to us in march and I'll review it again. Appeal Unsuccessful Origins
  28. WingedHussar

    hey WingedHussar, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, and unban you. Appeal Successful Origins
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