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Lost Station


Hi Guys i made a little mission. How long can you survive in this Base.

20 Soldiers vs Artillery, Cas attacks , Infaterys even some Tanks.

You have limited Resources but some pretty nice Surprises. Even a f...... Flamethrower Tank :D


What do you think ? Some ideas ?

Its just alpha and i have to put more work in it. Im happy of any Feedback.

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@mastif0 Well, I can tell you this: You won't be able to play it on any AW server anytime soon because by the sounds of it and some of the assets in the pictures it is way off the AWE mod pack. Also in general for a mission like that to work without zeus, you need a robust spawn system for enemy units which is very hard to code. Possibly reach out to ryko. 

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@BenjaminHL Yes sir :D i know that already. The Spawn System was made by a friend of me and works fine. But its already a little bit laggy so i have to find a way to have more Performence. I know a way woud be to delete the Vehicles and make like a Spawn System for them. I work on it how i said its realy alpha and some stuff wont work as they shud. Just some Fantasie Evening that i had. Maybe i will change a lot and maybe i will put it at my privat server to test it. A Friend also came up with the Idea to make a Scenario where you have to fight zombies.


So whatever its going to be i hope it will get awsome with a lot of atmosphare


Have a nice Day

Pvt. mastif0

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@LEO You are abel to use mines but keep in minde there are a lot of other Ways you can get attackd. Parachut units dropping in Havy mortar attacks Tanks and Light Tanks. Also you have some Side missions. Take Prisoners for Intel or Retake a other FOB. Basicly the Story mission is based on 10 Different Mission each Take +- 120 min. to solve.

1) Survive 2) Retake a FOB 3) Search and Kill Operation 4) Search and Destroy Operation 5) Retake a Major Base 6) Destroy A-A 7) Destroy Supply Base of the Enemy 8) Destroy Radars around the Island 9) Retake the Airport 10) Clear the Island from the Enemy


I also made a realy basic Trailer for the mission. How i said im still on working for a good feeling during the game. Some stuff will get removed other stuff get new in.



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