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Long Range Medic - Side




Purple is how many of the item

Dark Green is a Clothing item

Grey are the items

Other colours are the Colour of the Item (E.g. Smoke Grenade (Blue))

Brown are the weapons


 - Combat Fatigues (MTP)

    - First Aid Kit (1)

    - ERCO (Khaki) (1)

    - Chemlight (Green) (1)

 - Carrier Rig Green

    - Smoke Grenade (White) (1)

    - Smoke Grenade (Green) (1)

    - Smoke Grenade (Blue) (1)

    - Smoke Grenade (Orange) (1)

    - Chemlight (Green) (1)

    - 6.5mm 30 Round Tracer (Green) Caseless Magazine (6)

    - .50 BW 10 Round Caseless Magazine (4)

 - Kitbag (MTP)

    - First Aid Kit (15)

    - Chemlight (Yellow) (2)

    - RGN Grenade (2)

    - RGO Grenade (2)

    - Smoke Grenade (Blue) (3)

    - Smoke Grenade (Red) (3)

    - Smoke Grenade (White) (2)

    - .50 BW 10 Round Caseless Magazine (1)

  - Enchanced Combat Helmet (Desert)

 - Bandana (Shades)

 - NV Goggles (Brown)

 - Laser Designator (Sand)

 - Type 115 6.5mm (Green Hex)

    - LRPS (Green Hex)

    - Stealth Sound Suppressor (6.5mm) (Green Hex)

 - Map

 - GPS

 - Radio

 - Compass

 - Watch

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5 hours ago, fir_nev said:

I like this but I dun think it is possible with the removal of VAS. :cry-min:

Only thing that won't work will be the ERCO Khaki sight!

Edit: Just realised you wouldn't be able to achieve the weapon either because it is in the VAS. And the ERCO sight you would put it on your weapon then drag it to you Combat Fatigues in the Inventory, then open up arsenal again and put on the LRPS. Also if you have Personal Arsenal in SP and VAS you can save that load out in Arsenal, then you can load that up on the server

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