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War on Drugs Begins


Joint DEA, FEADS and CIA pose for a group photo in an undisclosed location on the Island of Tembelan during Operation Chingados.

Photo Information for War on Drugs Begins


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If you also want to get involved into the AW MSO check out this post on how to join: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/11848-how-to-mods-and-acre2-installation/

or our subforum in general: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/169-multiple-session-operations/



If you`re looking for all the general details about the MSOs Campaign 7 - Operation Chingados as well as the infos specific for each session (like the grid of this "undisclosed location"😉), then check out this post in our subforum: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/16267-campaign-seven-tembelan-operation-chingados/


Our sessions start every saturday on 17:00 UTC and will be announced in the events-section.🕔



Feel free to join🙂👍

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If we do any more of these pictures over the course of the campaign, I may actually edit them to include some blurred/blacked out faces and what not to make them look a bit more uniform.

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