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  3. Please Start Reminding Me To Do Changelogs: - [Added] TFAR - [Tweaked] Weapons On The Ground From Dead Units Can Now Be Picked Up And Used - [Tweaked] New Difficulty Settings - No Crosshairs, No Mines On the Map, Harder AI, (and much more) - [Tweaked] Everyone in FSG Can Now Acess The Mortar
  4. Mission Name: [EU2] Zeus Operations - Malden Reprisal [Week Two] 17:00 UTC Server Details: IP: Port: 2602 Mods Required: TFAR CBA_A3 TS adress: ts.ahoyworld.net TEAMSPEAK MISSION BRIEFING FOR ALL PLAYERS WILL BEGIN AT 17:00 UTC Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length) Player Slots: 60 Brief Summary: Last week, we set our first footsteps on the mainland of Malden, as we took over the harbour that was blocking us from our initial insertion. Now we must delve right into the heart of the southern peninsula, in what will most definitely be an action packed CQB endeavor. We will begin just West of the harbour, where we haven gotten Intel about a NATO officer, in which it must be a high priority of ours to execute him, to shake NATO's hierarchy. After this we will head south, where we must destroy experimental technologies that have been placed in the hands of our enemies. Next, we must Take Le Port, a city that is littered with NATO forces, from the streets to the houses. This will be a difficult siege, and we can expect to lose many soldiers in this grudging battle. Just West of Le Port is a power plant, in which NATO are defending as the power plant is resource heavy. Lastly we will head North up the road, in which we must destroy a NATO ammo cache, and it is here that we will settle for our next endeavors. ==================================================================================================
  5. TheScar

    Malden Reprisal - Week One

    the thought of young men dying under my command again in a useless effort of gaining 50m ground from the enemy while blood and screams are all around,the smell of burned flesh in the morning mist ... The daily arty barrage ... And goddamn Jenkins that died in my arms after he lost both legs trying to get me a fresh merican Frappuccino just like they do it in NY City ... oooh Jenkins,i wished we didnt vsited that vietnamese brothel that gave 77% discount on the 2nd visit ... Oh Jenkins! JEEEEEEEEEENKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS !!! Yea,that indeed reads promising !
  6. Moto

    NATO Motor Pool

    "how much ammo does moto have?"
  7. Lindi

    Malden Reprisal - Week One

    Join us! TheScar for Platco!
  8. TheScar

    Malden Reprisal - Week One

    Im blue da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, daba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa I have a blue house with a blue window ... Sorry, couldn't resist Good effort looking from a outside perspective
  9. ... that accent - pretty nailed it,now on this forum too #AWscawtish # Yer bum´s oot the windoe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fa621_MS3xI
  10. Been playin the sever for a wee while noo and decided i want to be a bigger part o it. So here i am.
  11. Xwatt

    Malden Reprisal - Week One

    Big Thank You to everyone who participated!
  12. After conclusive testing, we have decided to use TFAR as the radio mod of choice for our [EU2] Zeus Operations. To keep it short, we decided to use TFAR over ACRE as TFAR natively supports vehicle intercom, whereas ACRE requires ACE to access this function. We will use TFAR in the upcoming operation this Sunday, and to make this transition easier, on the following days, we will be online on EU2 and TS to teach you how to set up and operate TFAR effectively; Thursday 22nd August at 18:00 UTC (7PM BST) Friday 23rd August at 18:00 UTC (7PM BST) TFAR Download Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=894678801&searchtext=task+force+arrowhead Based on community feedback, we hope that implementing TFAR will help aid communications and bring an overall smoother experience to the operations.
  13. Hello and welcome to the Ahoy community Nosowski. See you on the battlefield
  14. Hello and welcome Raspy to the Ahoy community. If you ever need any help/pointers and see me in game just ask and i'll do my best to help you out.
  15. Norris


    Hello Destem and welcome to the Ahoy community.
  16. Norris

    Hello :)

    Hello and welcome Joshmagosh to the Ahoy community. See you on the battlefield.
  17. Norris

    Hello All

    Hey there Delboy welcome to the Ahoy community if you ever need any help just send me a message or if you see me in game I would be more than happy to help you out.
  18. Hey there Zzeroz welcome to the Ahoy community
  19. Norris


    Hey there Dom welcome to the Ahoy community see you on the battlefield.
  20. Hello SCHUBZ welcome to the Ahoy community and if you ever need pointers on flying just let me know and i'll go along with you.
  21. Hi there Astrid and welcome to the Ahoy community!
  22. Map: Fallujah Mission: ALiVE Type: Insurgency Friendly faction: Middle-Eastern Insurgents Enemy faction: U.S Army Other faction: Iraqi Armed Forces Starting position: (wip) Starting date: 23/02/2019 Ending date: 23/03/2019 Status: Decisive victory "The insurgents of the city, after a month of extreme fighting and guerilla-based attacks, we're successfully able to infiltrate, attack and overrun the U.S Army's main airfield base, South-East of Fallujah. The commander of the U.S Army company was executed by the insurgents and filmed. The damage to the insurgents resources and manpower was dwarfed by the scale of their victory over the American forces."
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